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Anker SOLIX C1000

Power Ready for the Unexpected

  • Unstable and Aging Grid

  • Extreme Weather

Power Through Emergencies

Don't let blackouts disrupt your life. Stay prepared for power emergencies with Anker SOLIX C1000. It's always there, ready to run essential appliances with backup power.

What Is Home Backup Power?

Home backup powers caught more and more people’s attention and are enjoying a surge in popularity since it is essential that power be incessantly supplied in today’s digital age.

Generally, home backup power refers to a set of electrical systems that provide an emergency electricity source during times of power outage. They usually come in the form of power stations or solar generators. When an outage happens, the backup power supply can be used to power basic home appliances, such as fridges, microwave ovens, and so on. Besides, they can also charge your necessary devices like mobile phones and tablets.

To sum up, the backup power for homes can keep your lights on and your electronics running, and prevent your food from perishing in case a power outage is present. And, it is believable that home backup power will become an indispensable component in the blueprint for home configuration in the future.

Home backup power mainly consists of two kinds: portable power stations and solar generators. Read on for more details.

Portable Power Station

A portable power station is a portable power source that can be used as a battery backup power supply in a lot of scenarios, such as using it at home for emergency backup power or taking it outdoors for camping. It is basically a large box with a high-capacity battery inside for electricity storage. Besides, they are often equipped with an array of outlets from different USB and DC outlets to AC or solar panel ports so as to power different devices or get recharged themselves.

Solar Generators

A solar generator capitalizes on solar panels to draw solar power and convert them into electricity, which can then be stored in a battery for later use. It also has a charge controller to regulate the flow of electricity. Some models like Anker SOLIX C1000 Solar Generator (Portable Power Station with Solar Panel (200W)) may also include an inverter to convert the DC power from the battery to AC power for use with sensitive electronic devices. Solar generators are commonly used for backup power supply for home, camping, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness, providing a clean and reliable source of power.

Home battery backup sources go increasingly popular for many of the practical benefits they can provide:

  • More Peace of Mind: A backup power source can be emergency power to provide you with peace of mind and convenience no matter when a power outage comes. You won't have to worry about losing all your refrigerated or frozen foods, an invalid security system, or being in the dark alone when you need them most.
  • More Medical Assurance: If some medical tasks are needed at your home like running a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for sleep apnea, then the continued electricity supply is critically necessary to keep healthy. The best generator for home backup power may offer great help in such scenarios to get medical assurance.
  • More Productivity:If you work from home or have a home-based business, a power outage can significantly impact your productivity. Having a battery backup power supply for homes can keep you connected and allow you to continue working without interruption.
  • More Connectivity:Having continuous power helps you remain connected to all your acquaintances and friends during a power outage to know the latest progress or other important updates.

In short, having a home backup power keeps all aspects of your normal life intact and guards you against the potential troubles a power outage may cause. So it is certainly a worthy investment to have backup power in your home.

Portable Power Solutions for Any Situation

Anke SOLIX's efficient solar panels pair perfectly with its portable power stations, offering convenient solar energy that easily folds up and travels with you to power every adventure.

  • Always-Ready Power

    UltraFast Recharging

    When the storm's coming, you're ready with Anker SOLIX C1000. Recharge UltraFast, reaching 100% in under an hour. It's full backup power to calm any emergency.

    1. ·1056Wh Capacity, 2400W Max Output

    2. ·1300W Max AC Input, 100% Recharging in 58 Min

    3. ·For Extra Power, Surgepad™ Easily Runs Devices Up to 2400W

    4. ·3,000-Cycle EV-Grade Batteries Last 10 Years

  • Power Through Emergencies,


    When the power's out for days, recharge naturally with Anker SOLIX C1000 and solar panels. The 600W solar input keeps appliances powered, even at night. You're always ready for any situation.

    1. ·1056Wh Capacity, 2400W Max Output

    2. ·600W Solar Input, 100% Recharging in 1.8H

    3. ·For Extra Power, Surgepad™ Easily Runs Devices Up to 2400W

    4. ·3,000-Cycle EV-Grade Batteries Last 10 Years

  • Double Capacity for Extra-Long Emergency Power

    When you need a lot of power, you're prepared with an expansion battery that doubles the capacity of Anker SOLIX C1000 to 2112Wh. The perfect solution for extra-long situations.

    1. ·Up to 2112Wh Capacity, 2400W Max Output

    2. ·For Extra Power, Surgepad™ Easily Runs Devices Up to 2400W

    3. ·Dual-Fast Charging, 1300W AC and 600W Solar Input

    4. ·3,000-Cycle EV-Grade Batteries Last 10 Years

Peace of Mind Anytime

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