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Unlock the Secrets: How to Charge iPhone Faster

Unlock the Secrets: How to Charge iPhone Faster

In this fast-paced world, every second is precious, and waiting hours for your iPhone to charge can feel like an eternity. But what if we told you that impatient thumb-twiddling could be a thing of the past? Whether you're a tech junkie always on the go, or simply tired of being anchored to your charger, this comprehensive guide will tell you why rapid charging is a must for your iPhone. We will take you to the world of fast-charging accessories at your disposal and arm you with top-notch tips on how to make iPhone charge faster than ever before. Say goodbye to low battery jitters and embrace the power of fast charging! 

Why is it important to charge your iPhone fast?

Charging your iPhone quickly is essential for various reasons. First and foremost, time is a valuable resource, and knowing what is the fastest way to charge an iPhone can provide more time for productivity and personal use. With our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, having a fully charged battery ensures that we can stay connected, make necessary calls, and access important information throughout the day. Fast charging features also caters to those with limited charging opportunities during the day, such as being on the road, in meetings, or traveling. By maximizing the efficiency of your charging time, you can effortlessly ensure that your iPhone remains functional when you need it most.

Moreover, a fast-charging iPhone can be beneficial in emergency situations where immediate access to a charged device is crucial. Whether dealing with a medical incident, safety concerns, or natural disasters, your iPhone can provide critical support, such as making emergency phone calls, accessing real-time information, or sharing your location with loved ones. Having a fast-charging feature significantly decreases the time it takes for your battery to recharge, empowering you to act in a time-sensitive event and maintain peace of mind knowing that your device is ready to assist you in any situation.

Accessories to charge your iPhone faster

Fast charging cables

Fast charging cables are designed to transmit more power from the charger to your iPhone effectively. They are manufactured with thicker wires to allow for a higher current transfer. Some options include:

  • USB-C to Lightning cables –USB-C power adapters can charge your device up to 50% in just around 30 minutes. Apple recommends using USB-C to Lightning cables for an optimum fast-charging experience with your iPhone. Looking for a great USB-C to lightning cable? We have something for you! The Anker 762 USB-C to Lightning Cable showcases a robust design, combining an ultra-slim build with durability tested to withstand 35,000 bends. Advanced Power Delivery delivers fast charging when paired with an 18W USB-C charger (not included). MFi certified, it guarantees maximum safety and speed while charging your Lightning devices. With an impressive 480Mbps transfer rate, quickly and efficiently move multimedia contents or large photo libraries. 
  • Certified third-party cables –Always ensure that the cables you choose are MFi (Made for iPhone) certified. This certification guarantees their compatibility with your iPhone and adheres to Apple's safety standards.

Compatible chargers

Chargers play an equally important role in fast charging your iPhone. . Some options to consider are:

  • USB-C Power Adapters (PD Charge): A charger with power delivery is required to activate fast charging. iPhone 12 and later models support up to 20W power delivery.
  • Power Adapter with Multiple Ports: A Multi-port USB charger can allow you to charge multiple devices together and is one of the fastest way to charge iPhone, providing a higher power supply.Take a look at this powerful Anker 747 Charger! It can simultaneously power up four devices or two laptops rapidly. Despite being 38% smaller than an Apple 140W charger, it offers superior power. It houses our ActiveShield 2.0 technology, ensuring your devices' protection by dynamically regulating power. Furthermore, with GaNPrime™, it constitutes a greener choice, potentially saving up to 796.39 million kWh annually—enough to fuel Hawaii for a month.

Power banks with fast charging

Power banks with fast charging technology are a great on-the-go solution for a quick power boost. Key categories include:

  • USB-C Power Banks –These power banks come with a USB-C port for high-speed charging. They are usually rated with PD (Power Delivery) features.
  • High Capacity Power Banks –Look for power banks with a larger capacity (measured in mAh). The higher the capacity, the more charges you can get out of the power bank.

Remember, charging speed also depends heavily on the state of your iPhone's battery and the applications running in the background. It's always advised to maintain optimal battery health and close any unnecessary apps while charging.

Other tips to charge your iPhone faster

Turn off your iPhone

One way to speed up the charging process is to turn off your iPhone. When switched off, the iPhone will stop using power for its regular functions, and therefore, dedicating more power to recharge the battery.

Turn on low power mode

Low power mode is a feature made to extend the battery life of your iPhone. When enabled, it reduces background activities, auto-fetching of data, animations, and other power-consuming features.

To enable Low Power Mode:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the "Battery".
  • Toggle/click the switch next to Low Power Mode to enable it.

Keep your iPhone cool

Heat can negatively impact the battery performance of any device, including your iPhone. If your iPhone is overheating, it may charge more slowly. To avoid this, make sure you keep your iPhone in a cool environment.

Here are some common ways to keep your device cool while charging:

  • Remove any casings or covers that might be trapping heat inside.
  • Avoid placing your iPhone near or on top of a heat generating device.
  • Place your iPhone on a cool, flat surface while charging.


In conclusion, time is essential, and powering up your iPhone swiftly and efficiently can make all the difference in both everyday situations and emergencies. Equip yourself with the best fast-charging accessories, such as cables, power adapters, and power banks. Additionally, take advantage of practical tips like using low power mode, keeping your iPhone cool, and turning it off while charging to speed up the process. By embracing these solutions, you'll never have to worry about being caught with a drained battery – empowering you to seize the day with confidence and stay connected no matter where you go!


Here are some commonly asked queries on how to charge iPhone faster.

Are all iPhones capable of fast charging? 

Not all iPhones have fast charging capabilities. Fast charging was introduced with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X – and it's available on subsequent models. Older iPhones do not support fast charging.

Does iPhone charge faster in airplane mode?

Yes, the iPhone charges faster in airplane mode. This is because airplane mode disables all network connections, reducing the power consumption of the device. As a result, the battery can recharge more quickly when compared to regular charging with connections enabled.

Can I use third-party fast chargers for my iPhone?

You can use third-party fast chargers for your iPhone, but it's essential to ensure that they are certified by Apple (MFi) and have appropriate safety features. This ensures compatibility, optimal charging performance, and prevents any potential charging or battery-related issues.

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