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Why Is My iPad Charging So Slow? Identifying Issues and Their Fixes

Why Is My iPad Charging So Slow? Identifying Issues and Their Fixes

The vexing scenario of observing your once-speedy iPad charging process now crawling along at a snail's pace has likely left you wondering about the intricate web of factors contributing to this exasperating occurrence. Slow charging is far from a singular-issue phenomenon; rather, it's a confluence of various elements, spanning the intricate realms of hardware idiosyncrasies and software intricacies.

In the ensuing sections, we're poised to embark on an enlightening journey through the multifaceted landscape of tardy iPad charging. Brace yourself as we unravel the common culprits standing in the way of efficient power replenishment, all while offering a trove of pragmatic solutions aimed at revitalizing the charging tempo to its former briskness.


Common Reasons for iPad Charging Slow

Charging a device is a seemingly straightforward process, but when your iPad's charging speed starts resembling a leisurely stroll, it's time to investigate the underlying causes. This section unravels the intricacies of why is my iPad charging so slow and introduces the pivotal factors contributing to this sluggish phenomenon.

Low-Power USB Port or Adapter

In most cases, when an iPad is charging slowly, the issue may not necessarily be with the device itself, but rather with the charging equipment in use. To ascertain the root cause, begin by scrutinizing your charging apparatus.

  • Firstly, inspect your charging adapter - the block that connects to the power outlet. Switching it while maintaining the original cable, iPad, and outlet can help identify if it's the source of the problem.
  • If there's no change in charging speed, it's prudent to test another wall outlet in your residence using the same iPad, cable, and adapter.

Should these swaps not boost your iPad's charging rate, the likelihood is that the issue resides in the cable or the iPad itself.

Background Apps and Usage

If your iPad is plugged in, but you're simultaneously streaming videos, replying to emails, and navigating social media, you won’t expect your device to charge at lightning speed. The multitasking scenario is no friend to expeditious charging. Running resource-intensive apps or engaging in data-heavy tasks diverts a portion of the available power away from the charging process, leading to slow charging.

Damaged or Poor-Quality Cable

The humble charging cable, often overlooked but essential, can wield a significant influence over your iPad's charging speed. A cable that's seen better days, with frayed ends or weakened connectors, can interrupt the seamless flow of power. Just as a kink in a hose impedes water flow, a damaged cable can slow down the charging process.


How to Improve the iPad Charging Speed?

Slow charging doesn't have to be an eternal woe. There's a treasure trove of strategies you can deploy to accelerate your iPad's power replenishment. In this section, we unveil a quartet of potent techniques that, when wielded with finesse, can breathe new life into your device's charging tempo.

Use Original or Certified Third-Party Cable

When it comes to charging cables, authenticity matters. Opt for the original cable that came bundled with your iPad or choose a MFI-certified third-party alternative. These cables are engineered to match the precise specifications of your device, ensuring efficient power delivery. Counterfeit or substandard cables might save you a few bucks initially, but they're often laden with inconsistencies that can hobble your charging speed. Anker's got different kinds of cables for you to help to stay charged and connected. 

The Anker 762 USB-C to Lightning Cable (3ft / 6ft Nylon) is a durable and reliable link between your devices. Boasting an ultra-slim design with a robust 35,000-bend lifespan, this cable promises fast charging capabilities when paired with an 18W USB-C charger. MFi certified, it ensures safe and efficient charging for Lightning devices and offers a swift 480Mbps data transfer speed, making content transfers a breeze.

Use High-Quality Charger

Using a high-quality charger is pivotal for avoiding slow charging of your iPad. High-quality chargers are specifically designed to provide optimal power output and are consistent in maintaining the right voltage and current. This ensures that your iPad receives the required energy efficiently and safely.

When it comes to keeping your devices powered up efficiently, the Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger stands out as a beacon of modern charging prowess. The Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger boasts three efficient ports – two USB-C and one USB-A, allowing simultaneous fast charging for your phone, tablet, and notebook from a single unit. It offers a stellar 100W max output, whether you're using dual USB-C ports or a combination of both types.

Close Unnecessary Apps

Multitasking is a hallmark of modern technology, but it's not always conducive to rapid charging. Before plugging in your iPad for a charging session, take a moment to close unnecessary apps running in the background. This decluttering of tasks allows your device to focus its resources on the charging process rather than splitting its attention among various activities. Think of it as giving your iPad an uninterrupted express lane to charge up.

Seek Professional Help

If all else fails and your iPad's charging speed continues to limp along, it might be prudent to seek the assistance of professionals. There could be underlying hardware issues that require expert diagnosis and repair. A trained technician can unearth hidden glitches and restore your device's charging prowess.


Slow iPad charging can stem from a myriad of reasons, from hardware malfunctions to software-related issues. It's essential to understand these potential culprits to take informed action. By implementing the solutions discussed, such as ensuring the use of high-quality chargers and being aware of background processes, users can optimize their iPad's charging speed and make the most of their device's battery life. Knowledge and proactive measures together lead to a smoother, more efficient Apple experience.


Why won't my iPad charge fast anymore?

The once-swift charging pace of your iPad could hit a snag due to a multitude of factors. Often, using a low-power adapter or a cable that's past its prime can hinder your device's charging speed. Additionally, resource-intensive background activities can divert power away from charging, resulting in a lackluster pace.

Why is my iPad charging but the percentage isn't going up?

Your iPad may be charging, but if the battery percentage isn't increasing, it could be due to a couple of factors. Firstly, the power adapter you're using might not be providing sufficient power, especially if it isn't rated at 12W or greater, which most iPad models require for reliable charging. Secondly, the charging cable might be faulty or compromised. It's recommended to troubleshoot by substituting your current power adapter and cable with known-good items to identify and resolve the issue.

How do I check battery health on iPad?

Navigate to "Settings," then select "Battery," followed by "Battery Health." Here, you'll find vital insights into your battery's maximum capacity and its peak performance capability. Monitoring this information over time allows you to proactively manage your device's battery life, ensuring its longevity and sustained efficiency.



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