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Everything You Need to Know About The Best MagSafe Car Mount

Everything You Need to Know About The Best MagSafe Car Mount

If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, you surely need the best iPhone MagSafe car mount to wirelessly charge your phone. MagSafe car mounts have become the most convenient solution for iPhone users, offering both a secure grip and wireless charging capabilities.

In this guide, we'll explore more benefits and everything you need to know about the best MagSafe car mount, including why you should have one, how they work, and what to consider when choosing one. 

What is the MagSafe Car Mount?

Apple developed and released MagSafe car mount technology for the iPhone 12 series, as well as all subsequent series of iPhones. It changed the way drivers mount their phones while driving. It's a type of magnetic charging that can provide quick 15-watt charging (about twice as fast as phones with regular Qi wireless charging). Simply place the phone on a MagSafe-compatible mount, and boom! It will attach securely, allowing you to take phone calls, listen to music, and use navigation while driving without any hands-on distractions.

Why Should You Have a MagSafe Car Mount?

You may be satisfied with your present car mount, but let me walk you through why you should invest in the best Magsafe car mount wireless charger.

Convenience and Safety

With a MagSafe car mount, your iPhone is always within reach, allowing you to use navigation apps, answer calls, or control music without taking your eyes off the road.

Hands-Free Operation:

It promotes safer driving by enabling hands-free functionality, reducing distractions, and enhancing your overall driving experience.

Wireless Charging

One of the standout features of MagSafe car mounts is their ability to wirelessly charge your iPhone. This means you can keep your device charged without dealing with tangled cables or fumbling for charging ports while driving.

Sturdy Mounting

The magnetic connection provided by MagSafe ensures a strong and secure hold, preventing your iPhone from falling off, even on bumpy roads.

Wide Compatibility

MagSafe car mounts are designed to work seamlessly with MagSafe-enabled iPhones, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

How Does the MagSafe Car Mount Work?

The MagSafe Car Mount utilizes the MagSafe technology, which employs a circular array of magnets built into both the mount and the phone or its case, ensuring a secure and precise attachment. When a MagSafe-enabled phone is brought close to the mount, the magnets align and snap the phone into place effortlessly, providing a strong hold.

This magnetic connection facilitates easy one-handed attachment and detachment, making it convenient for drivers to mount their phone on the dashboard or windshield for navigation or hands-free calls. Additionally, the mount is typically adjustable, allowing users to swivel and tilt their phone for optimal viewing angles while driving.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best MagSafe Car Mount?

When selecting the best MagSafe car mount for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the mount is compatible with your specific iPhone model to take full advantage of MagSafe features.
  • Mounting Style: MagSafe car mounts come in various styles, including vent mounts, dashboard mounts, and windshield mounts. Choose one that suits your car's interior and your personal preferences.
  • Adjustability: Look for mounts that offer flexibility in positioning and orientation to achieve the most comfortable viewing angle.
  • Charging Speed: Check the charging speed of the mount to ensure it meets your expectations. Some models support faster charging than others.
  • Build Quality: Invest in a high-quality mount that is sturdy and built to last, as it will be exposed to various driving conditions.
  • Price:MagSafe car mounts come in a range of price points. Consider your budget and find a mount that offers the features you need within your price range.
  • User Reviews:Read reviews from other users to get insights into the performance and reliability of the mount you're considering.

Anker Car Mount Recommendation

One of the best Anker charging car mount for 2024 is the Anker Car Mount. Anker is a trusted brand known for its high-quality accessories, and their Anker car mount lives up to this reputation. Here are some key features of its star product - Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo)

  • Strong Magnetic Attachment: The charger is equipped with ultra-strong magnets, ensuring a secure attachment of your device. It is specifically engineered for precise alignment with the iPhone 13/12, guaranteeing that your phone stays securely in place throughout your drive.
  • Compatibility: This charger is tailor-made for the iPhone 13 and 12 series, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal charging performance. For the best results, it is recommended to use it without a case or with a case that is specifically designed to be magnetic and compatible with these iPhone models.
  • Angle Adjustment: Featuring a 134° maximum angle adjustment, the Anker 613 allows for a wide range of rotation. This adjustability enables users to customize the viewing angle of their device, making it easier to view navigation apps or take calls while driving.
  • Ambient Charging Indicator: An always-on ambient glow is included in the design, which is particularly useful in low-light conditions. This ambient light helps users easily locate the charging spot, eliminating the need to fumble in the dark while trying to connect their iPhone for a charge. This feature adds a layer of convenience, particularly for those who frequently drive at night.

Each feature of the Anker 613 MagGo is designed with the user's convenience and the device's safety in mind, ensuring a secure, adaptable, and intuitive charging experience while on the move.


If you want to make phone charging in your car easier, maintain two hands on the wheel while on a call, and easily navigate your map, it's time to switch to the best MagSafe car mount. These car mounts not only allow for wireless fast charging, but they also keep you and your phone safe while driving. The Anker MagSafe Car Mount, with its strong magnetic attachment, one-handed operation, and case-friendly design, stands out as a top choice for those looking to enhance their driving experience.


Is MagSafe strong enough for a car mount?

Yes, MagSafe technology utilizes powerful magnets that are more than strong enough to hold your iPhone securely in a car mount, even on bumpy roads.

Does a MagSafe car mount work with a case?

Many MagSafe car mounts are designed to work with MagSafe-compatible cases. Be sure to check the compatibility of your specific car mount and case combination.

Is it safe to use a MagSafe charger in the car?

Yes, it is safe to use a MagSafe charger in the car, as long you follow the manufacturer's instructions and use a compatible charger and mount. The charger's secure magnet ensures that your device remains firmly in place, even on bumpy roads, minimizing the risk of your phone getting dislodged or damaged while driving.

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