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The Ultimate Guide to How to Charge Apple Watch

The Ultimate Guide to How to Charge Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a popular smartwatch among technology enthusiasts. It offers a myriad of features and can help you stay connected while on the go. However, one of the essential aspects of owning an Apple Watch is charging it. In this article, we will discuss how to charge Apple Watch and what you need to know when charging it. 

Different Ways to Charge Your Apple Watch

The following are four different ways you can charge your Apple Watch:

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

This is the standard charging cable that comes with your watch. Like all of the charging options we'll be discussing here, the Magnetic Charging Cable uses induction charging to power up your device. This means that the cable doesn't plug directly into your watch, but rather uses magnets to connect in order to charge your device. 

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

This charging dock is a more elevated version of the Magnetic Charging Cable. The dock holds your watch at an angle while it's charging, so you can easily see and use it while it's charging. This is especially useful if you like to use your watch as a bedside clock.

Magnetic Power Banks

There are portable power banks specifically designed for Apple Watch that use magnetic alignment to charge the watch wirelessly. These power banks are compact and convenient for on-the-go charging.

Wireless Charging Station

Some third-party manufacturers offer wireless charging stations that can simultaneously charge multiple devices, including your Apple Watch. These stations use Qi wireless charging technology and often have a designated spot for your watch.

Ankers Charging Solutions for Apple Watch

It is essential to have efficient and portable charging solutions in a technologically driven world. With a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right charging solution can be a daunting task. Anker has become known for its efficient and portable charging solutions that fit the needs and lifestyles of most people.

Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

Designed exclusively for Apple devices, the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe effortlessly powers up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods in one sleek setup. The seamless magnetic alignment, thanks to MagSafe, ensures a rapid 15W charge for your iPhone 14, 13, or 12. Its compact, foldable design fits snugly in your hand or pocket, making it a must-have for travel. You’ll love the adjustable viewing angle of up to 60°, allowing you to switch between landscape and portrait modes comfortably while maintaining a steady charge. It’s a versatile charging companion that’s indispensable for any Apple enthusiast. 

Anker 737 MagGo Charger (3-in-1 Station)

This 3-in-1 station revolutionizes charging with swift 15W speeds using the official MagSafe module, effortlessly reaching 50% for the iPhone 14 Pro Max in a mere 47 minutes*. Consolidating all your Apple devices, the Anker 737 MagGo Charger (3-in-1 Station) is a wireless charging haven for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The 360° adjustable viewing angle enhances convenience, enabling seamless portrait or landscape charging while perusing texts or videos. Travel-friendly and compact, the Anker 737 MagGo Charger takes up minimal tabletop space or slots effortlessly into your bag. Complete with a 30W USB-C charger, 5ft USB-C to USB-C cable, and Anker’s trusted 18-month warranty, it's the ultimate charging arsenal. 

Anker 544 Wireless Charger (4-in-1 stand)

The Anker 544 Wireless Charger (4-in-1 stand) stands as a versatile powerhouse for Apple Watch enthusiasts. Charging up to four devices simultaneously is a breeze, courtesy of dual wireless charging surfaces, a Lightning connector dock, and a USB-C output port. With compatibility spanning iPhone 13, all Qi-enabled phones, Apple Watch Series 1-7, and AirPods Pro via its 18W USB-C port, it's a universal charging hub. Plus, no need to remove phone cases – this charger efficiently transfers power through cases up to 5 mm thick (excluding magnetic or MagSafe cases). Our MultiProtect safety system ensures worry-free charging, featuring foreign object detection, short circuit protection, and temperature control. In the package: Anker 544 Wireless Charger, 60W Quick Charge DC Adapter with a 5 ft Cable, welcome guide, and Anker's hallmark 18-month warranty, backed by reliable customer service.

What to Know When Charging Your Apple Watch?

  • Use Apple-Certified Accessories: To ensure safe and efficient charging, it's recommended to use Apple-certified charging accessories. Using third-party cables or accessories that are not certified might lead to suboptimal charging performance or even damage to your watch.
  • Check Compatibility: Make sure that the charging accessory you're using is compatible with your specific model of Apple Watch. Newer models might have different charging requirements than older ones.
  • Remove the Case: If you have a protective case on your Apple Watch, it might interfere with the charging process. It's advisable to remove the case before placing the watch on the charger.
  • Proper Alignment: When using magnetic charging methods, ensure that your Apple Watch is properly aligned with the charger. The magnets should snap into place, and you should see a charging icon on the watch face.
  • Maintain a Safe Environment: When charging any electronic device, including the Apple Watch, it's important to keep the charging area well-ventilated and away from flammable materials. Avoid charging on surfaces that can conduct heat, like blankets or pillows.
  • Battery Health: Apple Watches are designed to optimize battery health, and they include features to manage charging to prevent overcharging. It's generally safe to leave your watch on the charger overnight, but if you're not using it for an extended period, you might want to remove it from the charger once it's fully charged.


In conclusion on how to charge Apple Watch, there are a variety of options for charging your Apple Watch depending on your needs or situation. It's always a good idea to know which one works the best for you and your device and to understand what kind of charging experience is available. Knowing that it's important to have a way to keep your watch charged when you're away from home, consider investing in one of these solutions so that you can easily take care of the battery life in your watch without having to worry about running out of juice when you need it most. Additionally, ensure to adhere to the protective guidelines laid out by Apple while charging or using any Apple product for an optimal performance.


Can I Charge My Apple Watch with My iPhone Charger?

The answer is no. Charging an Apple Watch using an iPhone USB-C to Lightning charger is not possible due to the differing charging port designs between the two devices.

How Can I Charge My Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Charging your Apple Watch without a standard charger is possible through alternative options. Specialized power banks equipped with magnetic charging capabilities are designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, offering a reliable power source in situations where electrical outlets are inaccessible. Additionally, dedicated portable wireless charging stations tailored for the Apple Watch can serve as excellent alternatives. These stations utilize wireless technology to maintain your watch's charge without the necessity of cords.

Can I Charge My New Apple Watch with My Old Charger?

You might be wondering whether you can use your old charger if you have upgraded to a new Apple Watch model. Yes, you can often use your old Apple Watch charger with a new Apple Watch. The cables and accessories from Apple are made to be backward compatible, providing the same charging speed as seen with the Series 6. However, it's important to note that this speed is 33% slower compared to the charging capability of the new models. 

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