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How to Do Home Office Setup for Maximum Productivity

How to Do Home Office Setup for Maximum Productivity

Work-from-home has become the new normal, with employees across all industries adapting to remote work schedules. With this transition comes the challenge of setting up a workspace that is both comfortable and conducive to productivity. Whether you have an entire home office or just a corner in your living room, having the right home office setup can make a huge difference when it comes to staying focused on tasks throughout the day. In this blog post, we'll explore how to organize home office and make a list of must haves for home office so that you can maximize both comfort and productivity!

Consider Why and How to Set Up Your Home Office  

There are numerous benefits to having a designated workspace in your home. Not only does it allow for maximum productivity and focus, but it also puts you in control of your work environment. No more noisy colleagues, cramped cubicles, or distracting office decor; your home office is yours to design and create as you see fit. Plus, the savings on commuting time and cost cannot be overlooked. Setting up a home office may take some initial effort and investment, but the benefits for your work-life balance can be immeasurable.  Here are some steps to help you with how to set up a home office -

  • Choose a suitable location: Select a quiet and well-lit area in your home that is conducive to work. Consider factors such as natural light, accessibility to power outlets, and sufficient space for your work equipment and supplies. 
  • Get reliable internet connectivity: Reliable internet is essential for remote work. Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection that is stable and secure. Consider having a backup internet option, such as a hotspot or a secondary service, in case of outages.
  • Organize your workspace: Keep your home office tidy and organized. Use storage solutions such as shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets to keep your supplies, documents, and other work-related items in order. Having a clean and clutter-free workspace can help improve productivity.
  • Personalize your workspace: Make your home office a place where you enjoy working by adding personal touches. Decorate your workspace with items that inspire you, such as photos, artwork, or motivational quotes. 

Must Haves for Your Home Office

Now you should know “what do I need for a home office” to get an organized work environment at home. The following is our list of must haves for home office -

A Desk

Look for a desk that's sturdy and functional but also stylish and matches your home office space vibe. You can choose from an L-shaped desk where you can put all your office equipment within your reach, or a compact desk with shelf and pull-out drawers. For shared spaces, you may consider getting a worktable with a partition or a cubicle to allow you to concentrate on your work.     

A Comfortable Chair

Next to the desk, you must also invest in an ergonomic chair because it adds sophistication to your home office environment, aside from the health benefits it gives. Look for the one with armrests as it will help you reduce the stress felt by your neck and shoulders; it also discourages slouching during the day. An office chair with adjustable height and a mechanism for the backrest to move it forward and backward can alleviate the pain and discomfort brought by longer hours of seating. Some also opt for swivel chairs to give you the mobility to reach out for things you need.

A PC or Laptop

A PC or a laptop is necessary for modern work. Personal preferences and work requirements are among the considerations in choosing whether to purchase a PC or laptop for your home office setups. In terms of flexibility, a laptop does give a fair advantage compared to PC desktops. You can also carry your laptop and work anywhere you want to go. But to maximize its efficiency, you would need to add more hardware (like an extra monitor, external hard drive, etc.) to your laptop.  

Reliable Internet

Consider a wired connection than Wi-Fi to ensure fast and reliable internet access since other family members make use of the internet for study and recreation. Such activities consume much bandwidth, and this can slow down your connection.


Most printers nowadays offer multifunction, allowing you to not only print documents, but also scan, copy, and even fax with just one machine. It saves up much space in your home office and keeps your worktable organized, and free from clutter.  


Online meetings and video conferencing allowed people to continue collaborating in this virtual work environment. For this reason, you should invest in a headset with a microphone that has a noise-canceling feature offering surround sound with efficient volume control. Choosing wireless over a wired headset gives you that minimalist home office look.

Docking Station

Having a docking station minimizes the use of cables, makes your desk neat, and gives you more space for your writing and reading notes. The Anker 777 Thunderbolt Docking Station has 12 ports to cater to your specific needs and make your working from home as convenient and hassle-free as possible. The upstream and downstream ports are powerful enough to give you your required easy transfer of data and fast charging anytime. The two HDMI ports support resolutions that allow you an enhanced video-graphic experience and crystal-clear streaming. 

Personal Touches

It's your own office, so decorate it the way you'd like to. Some hang in family photos as seeing them gives them the inspiration to get going despite the workloads to be done within the day. Others add indoor plants for fresh purified air and an aesthetic feel to it. Opt for plants that are low maintenance and survive even in dim light so you won't get bothered forgetting they didn't get sunlight that day. Lighting is another important aspect, and you can put in a desk lamp aside from the natural light coming from your window.


There are many ways you can home office setup as pleasing and comfortable as much as possible. With a few essential items, you can make your personal workspace into an environment conducive to productivity and creativity. Taking the time to set up your space properly is important; after all, an organized home office reflects well on the quality of work that you produce in it. All in all, if you want to maximize productivity and craft a tranquil work scape in your home, consider implementing these must-haves into your daily setup!

FAQ about Home Office Setup

Where Should a Docking Station be Placed on a Desk?

A docking station should be placed on the desk close to your monitor or laptop. The ideal position is at the center of your desk, away from any sources of interference such as other electronic devices. Make sure that all of your cables and connections are easily accessible when setting up your docking station.

Can I Use Docking Station for Desktop?

Yes, a docking station can be used for both laptops and desktop computers. For desktops, the dock must first be connected to the computer's video output (VGA or HDMI) before any other peripherals can be connected. 

Do All Laptops Work with Docking Station?

Most modern laptops are compatible with docking stations but it is important to check the product specifications before making a purchase. Different laptop models have different connection types so make sure the dock you choose is compatible with your laptop's port type. Some laptops may require an adapter for use with a docking station.

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