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How to Use USB to Ethernet Adapter? A Complete Guide

How to Use USB to Ethernet Adapter? A Complete Guide

Is your internet connection providing you with the best possible speed and stability? Modern laptops and tablets may include WiFi connection as a basic feature, but most wireless connections only provide restricted download speeds depending on your router.

When compared to WiFi, ethernet is faster. It doesn't go through the fight that WiFi does with all the concrete walls and competing for WiFi signals and so on. Ethernet is excellent and it's great if you have it.

But what to do if your device lacks an Ethernet port? The answer is to purchase a USB Ethernet adapter, which may not only boost your internet speed, but it may also improve the stability of your connection. Read this article to learn about ethernet and how to properly use a USB to ethernet adapter.

What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a type of communication protocol for connecting a wide variety of devices to a WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN (Local Area Network). It enables devices such as computers, switches, and printers to communicate with one another without interruption and exchange data.

Ethernet is a wired connection that connects devices via ethernet switches and hubs. Compared to Wi-Fi, the ethernet protocol is more secure, faster, and more dependable. That is why modern companies use it to establish a better connection between external devices and departments.

Aside from constructing a network, an Ethernet connection allows you to provide internet connections within one corporation. It employs a hierarchies configuration that includes a router, switch, hub, ethernet port, gateway, and servers.

Why You Should Consider Using Ethernet Adapter?

Before we get into why you should consider using USB C to ethernet adapter, we should first know what it is.

A USB to Ethernet adapter is a device that allows a USB port to be connected to an Ethernet wire if your laptop lacks an Ethernet port. USB to Ethernet adapters enable users to connect many devices using an Ethernet cable instead of a USB cable, which is typically less dependable and is also shorter in length.

There are a lot of good reasons to connect your devices to the internet with a wire, including streaming, video chat, gaming, and even old computer hardware will benefit when switching from WiFi to a USB ethernet adapter. Below are some more reasons of why you should start using an Ethernet Adapter.

The King of Stability

No one ever tells you that one of the problems with wireless networks today is that they aren't very stable in busy places. If you open your WiFi and look at the list of available networks, you can see how crowded your area is. But with a USB Ethernet adapter, you will only be competing with other users on your own network

Online games can also benefit from decreased latency and eliminating disruptions caused by wireless connections. Game streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce will look much better when your router or modem is hardwired to your computer.

Increase Transfer Speeds

With a direct connection between your device and computer, you will spend less time downloading and uploading files. Additionally, you should not be concerned about packet loss from WiFi delaying your internet connections.

Likewise, video streaming will improve. When you have a speedier and far more stable internet connection, streaming services such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video will provide greater resolutions and run without buffering.

Ethernet network adapters will help with services like video chat as well. Your Slack and Zoom calls will be clearer and less fuzzy when you connect through a wired connection.

Data Security

When it comes to keeping data safe, Ethernet is the best network. The security of data is better with an ethernet connection than with Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection.

If someone wishes to access the data on an ethernet network, he or she needs a device that is physically connected to the network. On the other side, Wi-Fi establishes wireless connections that can be hacked without the use of any kind of physical hardware.

How to Use USB to Ethernet Adapter

Follow the steps below to connect and use a USB to ethernet adapter:

  • Turn off the WiFi.

  • Insert the adapter's USB-C connection into the USB-C port on your computer.

  • Pick an Ethernet cable that is plugged into a modem, router, hub, or switch, and plug another end into the Ethernet jack on the adapter.

  • Once the adapter has been plugged in and connected to an ethernet cable, operating systems such as Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu will connect immediately to the network.


Now you know why and how to use a USB to ethernet adapter. It is very easy to connect and set up. Get a USB to Ethernet adapter, and you can say goodbye to slow internet and hello to faster internet.

However, before purchasing a USB to ethernet cable, port compatibility, cable length, and speed should be considered. You must ensure that the adapter is compatible with the USB port on your device. We recommend the Anker USB C Ethernet Adapter as your first USB to ethernet adapter. This adapter is both compact and powerful. It provides access to speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

FAQ About USB to Ethernet Adapter

1. Can USB Be Converted to Ethernet?

Yes. A USB to Ethernet adapter can be used to connect to a wired LAN, router, or modem if your computer lacks an Ethernet port. Then, to enable ethernet connectivity, plug the ethernet cable into the dongle.

2. Do You Need a Driver for USB to Ethernet Adapter?

Yes. Most ethernet drivers are installed automatically, but if they are not, they should be on the desktop restore disk. If you have an Intel CPU, you can likely resolve the issue by installing the Intel Chipset Drivers.

3. Is Ethernet to USB Faster Than WIFI?

Some USB to Ethernet adapters provide speeds that are significantly faster than a standard wireless connection or an older network card. Additionally, a wired connection is more secure, more stable, and more reliable than a wireless connection.

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