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How To Be Prepared For a Landslide | Types, Safety Steps, and Alertness

How To Be Prepared For a Landslide | Types, Safety Steps, and Alertness

Whether you are traveling or just in your home, you must have the right knowledge on how to be prepared for a landslide. The steps to do it will signify your ability to save your life and others' as well.  In the US, landslides occur in areas where there are wildfires or any land modifications that are currently happening. If lands are near rivers or slopes, you can also expect landslides to occur. To be safe, you need to understand what a landslide is. You also should know what to do in a landslide. You should be aware of the safest place to be during a landslide and the way to get alerts about a landslide.

How to Prepare Before a Landslide

If you live in an area where frequent landslides occur, you should very well be prepared before it happens. These areas may be near channels of water. You may observe land runoffs which may tell that landslides have been experienced in the same area before. Canyons and other steep slopes may also be a source of landslides.

  • To prepare for landslides, you have to make sure that you have an emergency kit. This includes flashlights, bandages, wound kits, scissors, and other medical items. If you will be stuck under a landslide, you will have your medical kits available at your disposal.
  • If you are aware of landslides in your area, you must have a step-by-step plan on what to do before, during, and after landslides. For some people, the details can guide them to know what to do next.  You must have strategies on what to do with your family, your friends, and even your pets.
  • You can also suggest your local community to have a sound warning system so that people will know that a landslide is currently occurring. This will also make people alert because of the possible effects of these landslides on other people’s lives.
  • You should also have a safe electricity source just in case the landslides cause people to lose power. Whether you are directly affected by landslides or not, you will still experience its effects through a power failure.

In times like these, you must have generators like the Anker Power Station 757. Its batteries can last up to 3,000 cycles. Its design is also very aesthetic and durable at the same time. You can use this generator when you charge your electronics. You can also plug in other products and appliances that you want to use after a landslide.

What we should do when a landslide occurs

When a landslide is currently occurring, you must do any or all of the safety tasks needed. You must look for strong sections of a building that is far away from the landslide. You should take shelter. Just like during emergencies, you can also take shelter to make sure that you will not be carried down the slope.

You should also keep yourself awake. It can be quite difficult to stay awake especially during these times because landslides may still occur. You must also listen to radio stations that will tell you about landslide updates near your area.


Experiencing a landslide can be a scary event in someone’s life. But in case you are face-to-face with a landslide you are now aware of what to do to save your life. You can even save others because of the knowledge that you have about it. When a landslide is right in your midst, keep a calm mind and remember everything that you learned in this article. Prioritize the things that you must do and get a sound and sober mind to know exactly what to do.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about landslides. Be sure to take note of these things so that you will know how to react during such events in your life.

What is a landslide?

A landslide is a geological event that occurs when large masses of soil, rock, or other debris suddenly move down a slope or hillside. This can happen due to factors such as heavy rainfall, snowmelt, earthquakes, or human activity. Landslides can range in size from small, localized events to large-scale movements that can cause extensive damage to the surrounding landscape and structures.

The movement of the landslide can be slow or rapid, and it can take many forms, including falls, slides, and flows. The speed and type of movement depend on the type of material involved, as well as the angle and steepness of the slope.

Where is the safest place to be in a landslide?

Just as you want to know the places where you are in danger in times of landslides, you should also recognize the safest places to be during these natural events.

Amidst a landslide, the key is to be in an area made of hard bedrock, that has not been affected by past landslides. Furthermore, staying in flat lands far away from the slopes can be extremely beneficial in avoiding such events. Additionally, you can take refuge in ridges that are less vulnerable to landslides and provide an added layer of safety.

How can I get the alert for a landslide?

Because of the technology that is present nowadays, landslides can somehow be predicted and captured by devices. Satellite radar may help people to know upcoming landslides. This equipment can give early warning signs so that those who are in or near the areas can leave and keep themselves safe.

Another warning system for a landslide is the Local Landslide Early Warning System. It checks a specific slope and identifies its risk of being part of a landslide. The machines can do this through the monitoring of the pore water pressure as well as the movement of the materials on the slope.

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