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Decoding Power Banks: How Many mAh to Charge iPhone 11

Decoding Power Banks: How Many mAh to Charge iPhone 11

Our devices have evolved into extensions of our identity in the smartphone era. Our iPhones are always with us, whether perusing the web, watching videos or keeping in touch with loved ones. These little powerhouses do have one unavoidable drawback, though, and that is limited battery life. Power banks can help in this situation by providing a portable way to keep our electronics charged while we are on the run. But the question frequently arises: How many mAh to charge iPhone 11 efficiently? In this article, we will delve into the realm of mAh and power banks, investigating the iPhone 11's battery capacity and discussing how to choose power banks for your device?

What is the Battery Capacity of the iPhone 11?

Let us familiarise ourselves with the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 and its brothers before exploring the world of power banks. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are built with different-sized batteries to support their various functionalities.

iPhone 11: A 3,110mAh battery powers the device. This dependable workhorse has enough juice to last you for an entire day of ordinary use, which may include surfing, streaming, and sporadic photography.

iPhone 11 Pro: The iPhone 11 Pro climbs the ladder and offers a 3,046mAh battery. The phone's energy-efficient features ensure an exceptional battery life despite its slightly smaller capacity, meeting the needs of both casual users and working professionals on the go.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: With a 3,969mAh battery, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is at the top of the charts. The needs of heavy users who want excellent performance and long battery life are met by this powerhouse.

Pros and Cons of Power Banks with Different mAh for Your iPhone 11

Let us investigate power banks now that we are aware of the battery capacity of the iPhone 11. These portable chargers could save your life when you are far from an outlet. However, the correct power bank capacity might significantly alter your charging experience.



  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, easy to carry in your pocket or bag.
  • Quick Top-ups: Provides a quick power boost for your iPhone 11, ideal for emergencies or short outings.
  • Affordability: Typically less expensive compared to higher capacity options.


  • Limited Charges: May only provide one full charge or less for your iPhone 11.
  • Less Versatile: Might not be suitable for extended travel or charging larger devices.



  • Balanced Capacity: Offers a good balance between portability and power, suitable for moderate use.
  • Multiple Charges: Can charge your iPhone 11 multiple times before needing a recharge.
  • Decent Portability: Although larger than 5000mAh, still relatively portable.


  • Size and Weight: Larger and heavier compared to lower capacity options.
  • Charging Time: Charging the power bank itself might take longer.



  • Extended Power: Can keep your iPhone 11 and other devices charged for an extended period, perfect for longer trips.
  • Multiple Devices: Supports charging multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Bulkier and Heavier: Not as portable as lower capacity options, might be less convenient to carry.
  • Longer Recharge Time: Requires more time to fully recharge the power bank itself.
  • Higher Cost: Generally comes with a higher price tag.

What to Consider When Choosing a Power Bank for Your iPhone 11?

Choosing the right power bank for your iPhone 11 series involves considering several important factors to ensure optimal performance, convenience, and safety. Here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Capacity (mAh): The capacity of the power bank determines how much charge it can provide. For the iPhone 11 series, which includes the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, a power bank with at least 5000mAh is recommended for emergency top-ups, while 10000mAh or higher is ideal for longer trips or multiple charges.
  • Output Power (Wattage): Ensure the power bank can deliver the required output power to charge your iPhone efficiently. The higher the output wattage, the faster your device will charge. Look for power banks with support for 18W or more for optimal charging speed.
  • Portability: Consider the size and weight of the power bank. A compact and lightweight power bank is more convenient to carry around, especially if you're on the move frequently.
  • Number of Ports: Check the number of USB ports on the power bank. If you want to charge multiple devices simultaneously, choose a power bank with multiple ports.
  • Fast Charging Support: Look for power banks that support fast charging protocols like Power Delivery (PD) or Quick Charge. These technologies ensure faster and more efficient charging for your iPhone 11 series.
  • Quality and Brand: Opt for power banks from reputable brands known for their quality and safety standards. Inferior power banks may not provide the stated capacity, and their circuitry might be less reliable.
  • Safety Features: Ensure the power bank has safety features such as overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control to prevent damage to both the power bank and your iPhone.

Are you currently searching for a power bank? Look no further than our top choices for you.

  1. Anker 511 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion 5K) 

The impeccably designed 5,000mAh power bank, featuring a foldable plug, effortlessly integrates into any pocket or bag, ensuring portability without compromise. The assurance of sustained battery performance, maintaining a remarkable 90% capacity even after 20 months of use, speaks to its enduring reliability. Our renowned PowerIQ 3.0 technology further exemplifies its prowess, delivering rapid and efficient charging—ideal for my iPhone 13 Pro, which reaches full charge in a mere 1.3 hours. The Anker 511 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion 5K) epitomizes the marriage of convenience and innovation, perfectly tailored for the demands of the discerning iPhone user.

  1. Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K)

Crafted with adventure-tier durability and scratch resistance,  the Anker 313 Power Bank (PowerCore 10K) boasts premium quality inside and out. This slim powerhouse redefines portability, offering 2.25 charges for iPhone 12, and 1.2 charges for iPad mini 5. Equipped with our PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, it tailors charges up to 12W, while its trickle-charging mode is ideal for low-power devices. Safety is paramount, with Anker's MultiProtect system providing overcharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control, and more. Elevate your charging experience with Anker 313 Power Bank - the epitome of quality, power, and safety.

  1. Anker 525 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K)

The Anker 525 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K) redefines charging convenience for iPhone users. With its 20W USB-C port, your iPhone 12 hits 50% in just 30 minutes – rapid power for your fast-paced life. An 18W USB port backs you up for simultaneous charging. Brace yourself for ultimate power, boasting a colossal 20,000mAh capacity. With 5 iPhone 12 charges, or more than 2 iPad mini 5 refreshes, you're set for days. Plus, its wide compatibility embraces phones, tablets, and beyond. The Anker 525 is your gateway to uninterrupted charging speed, versatility, and endless possibilities.


You got the answer of how many mAh to charge an iPhone 11 takes reliably? For your iPhone 11, finding the ideal power bank means striking a careful balance between capacity, portability, and functionality. Having a battery with a bigger mAh capacity may be alluring, but it is essential to consider your individual needs and usage habits.

A power bank between 5000 and 10,000 mAh can provide sufficient charges for most users without compromising portability. However, a larger power bank can be worth the minor inconvenience in size if you travel frequently or want extended power backup.


Are There Benefits to Using a Higher Capacity Power Bank?

A power bank with a larger capacity does provide the benefit of more charges. A high-capacity power bank could be a lifeline if you are going on a lengthy journey or will not have access to charging outlets for a significant amount of time. Just be aware that getting more juice means giving up some portability.

Can Use a Power Bank with Excessive mAh Capacity Harm My iPhone 11?

You can use a power bank with a higher mAh capacity than your iPhone 11 without worrying about damaging it. The iPhone and other contemporary smartphones are made to only consume a minimal amount of power from the power supply. As a result, even if you plug your iPhone into a power bank with a 20000 mAh capacity, it will only draw what is necessary to ensure safe and effective charging.

Is a Power Bank with Higher mAh Better?

Regarding power banks, the maxim "bigger is better" does not necessarily hold. While a battery with a higher mAh capacity can hold more charges, it is essential to balance portability and capacity. A power bank with a reasonable capacity of between 5000 and 10000 mAh can be your best option if you need to carry one with you all the time and can fit it in your pocket or small purse.

A more excellent capacity power bank might be helpful when you must keep several gadgets charged for an extended period. The trade-offs in size and weight should be kept in mind, though.

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