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Why Do We Need the Best Portable Charger?

Why Do We Need the Best Portable Charger?

In a world where you are constantly on the road or traveling, portable power banks or chargers are useful and necessary. They are a dependable and effective solution to keep your electronic gadgets charged and operating when you cannot find an outlet to get your phone or laptop plugged in. In short, they are now a must-have item for everyone who heavily relies on these devices for their daily lives, from business and communication to entertainment and pleasure. And in this blog, let's look at the best portable battery chargers.


Best High-Capacity Power Bank

Anker 525 Power Charger (PowerCore 20K) is a great choice if you are looking for the best high-capacity and best portable charger for cell phones. This Anker portable charger boasts an ultra-high cell capacity of 20000mAh that can provide 5 charges for iPhone 12, more than 4 full charges for Samsung Galaxy S10, and over 2 and a half charges for iPad mini-5. And unlike the others that claim to be the best, this small portable charger is also highly appreciated for its wide compatibility, optimal technology, fast charging, and worry-free 18-month warranty.  


Best Portable Wireless Power Charger

Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank can be a good choice if you are looking for a wireless portable charger. This wireless power bank is intended for folks who enjoy watching movies on their phones or playing games with a controller. It has a built-in stand that folds down while you're on the road. It also contains USB-C and USB-A connectors that can charge your phone up to 18 watts. Wireless charging with the iPhone is up to 7.5 watts and 10 watts with Android smartphones.


Wireless charging is a relatively new technology; given this, you should always be updated on developments. Hence, considering alternatives from known innovators will be good. For instance, the Anker wireless charger 622 MagGo magnetic battery, which has a 5000mAh capacity, is highly portable, and has the same wireless charging. Another option is the Anker PowerCore III 10K portable charger which, despite not being magnetic, has faster wireless charging technology.


Best Portable Charger for iPhones

One of the most-sought phones out there is definitely iPhone. Compatibility is a major concern for iPhone users but with Anker 325 Power Bank (PowerCore20K), that is not a problem. With its massive 20000mAh battery pack, this product from the world's no. 1 mobile charging brand and pioneer can charge an iPhone 11 up to 4 times or 5 times for an iPhone XS. Likewise, it is also equipped with Anker's exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology for a more optimal experience. Not only that, this powerful and slim portable charger also allows for simultaneous charging, so if you have two iPhones, Anker 325 is what you need to look for.


Best Portable Charger for Android

Nimble Champ portable charger is the answer if you are looking for the best power bank for Samsung and other Android phones. Unlike others that claim to be the best portable phone charger, this power bank is truly compact, which is its top selling point. It is also made of recyclable materials, which are highly desirable if you want to lessen your carbon footprint. Though this portable charger taps out at 18W power delivery, it is still a good option for Samsung or Android users in general, as it supports both Quick Charge and Samsung Fast Charge.


Best Portable Charger for Laptop


Anker 737 Power bank (PowerCore 26K Laptop) is currently one of the most-sought laptop power banks. And this is no longer surprising as it has a right off-the-bat capacity of 25600mAh combined with an ultra-powerful USB-C port that enables users to charge their laptop at full speed. This capacity, paired with a high level of compatibility, can power most laptops, including MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, Microsoft Surface, etc., and other gadgets like iPad Pro, iPhone 13, and more. And to cap things off, this portable laptop charger is also equipped with a MultiProtect safety system to ensure safe and optimal charging.


What to Look For While Choosing a Battery Pack

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a portable charger.

  1. Power Capacity. A higher capacity means more charges.
  2. This is where you need to balance things out. A power bank with a higher capacity is usually heavier.
  3. Multiple ports. Multiple ports enable you to charge multiple devices.
  4. USB-PD. This feature (power delivery) provides faster charging.
  5. Not all power banks last for years. Given this, the type of material and manufacturer should be checked.
  6. The price tag should always be considered. After all, it is always better to have the same product features for a lower price.
  7. Nobody wants a portable battery pack that will spell trouble later on; thus, it is better to stick to the pioneering brands that have already stood the test.


The best battery pack for phones and laptops certainly provides a practical solution to the battery power deficiencies of phones and laptops. Having them is thus perfect, especially if you are frequently on the go. With options ranging from lightweight models to high-capacity ones, there is definitely a portable power bank to match every need, budget, phone, and laptop. With it, you can always stay connected and productive no matter where your adventures take you.


Which is better: 10000mAh or 20000mAh?

In terms of power capacity, 20000mAh is better than 10000mAh. A higher capacity means more charge. However, in terms of compactness, the one with lower capacity will be better since those with higher capacity tends to be bulky and heavy.

What is the difference between a portable charger and a power bank?

In practical terms, there is virtually no difference between a portable charger and a power bank. Both terms refer to a portable device that stores electrical energy and can be used to charge electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops while on the go.

How much is a portable charger?

Portable chargers have different characteristics, and these things largely determine the price. On average, the price of a portable charger can range from $10 to $50, depending on its capacity, brand, and features. However, this can cost as much as $100 or more for those high-end and high-capacity models.

Are cheap power banks worth it?

It depends. Cheap power banks from pioneering brands like Anker can be trusted as they will lose more if they make defective products. However, if the product is from a totally unknown brand, you should think twice before buying it. For instance, though not all, some new and cheap power banks from unknown manufacturers have faulty internal current regulators, which can cause overheating and, later on, fire or explosion.








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