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10Ft USB C Cable

A 10 ft USB C cable is a type of cable that utilizes the USB-C connector standard and has a length of 10 feet (approximately 3 meters). It is used to connect various electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and accessories to each other or to power sources. Compared to shorter cables, the longer length provides added flexibility and convenience for charging or transferring data between devices over a greater distance.



More About 10ft USB-C Cable

Get the ultimate connection solution with Anker’s array of stellar 10ft USB C cables. Our 10ft USB-C cables support up to 100W fast charging when coupled with a compatible charger, allowing the potential of your fast charger to be fully unleashed. This means you can power up MacBook Pro 16ʺ in as short as 2 hours with our 10ft cables. Moreover, being able to transfer data at a whopping 480Mbps, you are given the freedom to enjoy movies, music, and more on another device in a matter of seconds. But that’s not all yet. Manufactured with tough nylon braiding, our 10ft cables combine style and durability in one, and a 12,000-bend lifespan makes them readily withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining their performance and appearance. Furthermore, a wider than ever compatibility means our 10ft cables work with any USB-C device you can conceive of. In short, our 10ft USB-C cables are technical marvels that are sure to impress. Browse our collection of 10ft charging cables for iPhone and Android and start connecting freely and seamlessly today! And if you’re an iPhone user, don’t hesitate to check out our iPhone 12 charger cable too.


Is a 10ft USB-C cable more prone to tangling or wear and tear?

Whether a 10ft USB-C cable is more prone to tangling and wear largely depends on the cable's quality and the materials used in its construction. Generally speaking, high-quality cables made with braided nylon such as the Anker New Nylon USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (10 ft) are less prone to tangling as well as wear and tear.

Do 10ft cables charge slower?

This depends. While longer cables, such as 10ft cables, can result in slightly slower charging speeds compared to shorter cables due to more resistance and voltage drop over the extended length, the difference in charging speed is generally negligible for most devices and everyday usage scenarios. Furthermore, many high-quality 10ft cables like the New Nylon USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (10 ft) even support rapid charging of up to 100W with a high-speed charger.

What are the advantages of long charging cable?

Long charging cables, such as 10ft cables, offer several advantages:

More Flexibility: Longer cables provide more reach, allowing you to charge and transfer data comfortably while one device is very far from the power source or another device.

Reduced Strain: Longer cables can help avoid strain on the cable itself and the connectors, as there's more slack to accommodate movement or accidental tugs.

Better Cable Management: The extra length allows for better cable management, as you can route the cable along walls or under furniture to keep it out of the way.

Can I transfer data with a 10ft USB-C cable?

Yes, you can transfer data using a 10ft USB-C cable. USB-C cables are designed to support both power delivery and data transfer capabilities. For example, Anker has high-quality 10ft cables like those new Nylon USB-C to USB-C cables supporting fast transfer of up to 480Mbps effortlessly.

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