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A 45W power bank is a portable device that can store and supply electrical energy to charge various devices. It has an output capacity of 45 watts, allowing it to deliver power effectively to devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.




How many watts should a power bank be?

The appropriate wattage for a power bank primarily depends on the devices you intend to charge.

Smartphones: A power bank of 10 to 15-watt output should suffice to charge any smartphone.

Most laptops: A power bank with an output of 45 to 65 watts is typically needed to ensure reliable charging of regular laptops.

Special High-performance laptops: These are power-hungry devices that require 90W or higher wattage power banks to charge effectively as well as maintain their performance.

Is a higher watt power bank better?

This depends. A higher wattage power bank can be better for charging devices with greater power needs or for faster charging. It offers more output capacity, allowing it to charge larger devices like laptops or multiple devices simultaneously. However, for smaller devices like smartphones, a power bank with an appropriate wattage that matches the device's requirements can provide efficient and effective charging without unnecessary excess.

Can a 45W power bank charge a laptop?

Yes, a 45W power bank is enough to power up most laptops with efficiency. For example, the Anker 521 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion, 45W), as a combination of a portable charger and a 5000mAh power bank, can charge your MacBook Pro 13 in less than 2 hours. However, for more power-demanding laptops, a 65W or higher power bank may be better to deliver optimal charging speed.

Is a 45W power bank safe to use?

Yes, high-quality 45W power banks from reputable manufacturers like Anker have effective built-in safety features and are therefore very safe to use. However, cheap and unbranded options may come with multiple safety hazards and should be avoided altogether.

How many watts is a fast charging powerbank?

Generally, a fast-charging power bank typically has an output capacity of at least 15 watts, so that it can deliver higher power levels to devices, such as smartphones or tablets, that support fast charging technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery.

More About 45W Power Bank

Upgrade your charging experience with the best 45W power banks from Anker. Featuring a 2-in-1 hybrid design, our 45W power banks serve as both power banks and wall chargers, allowing you to charge your multiple devices while being recharged at the same time. Moreover, a 45W output means you can charge an iPhone 13 up to 3 times faster compared to a regular power bank, and the long-lasting battery of up to 5,000mAh sustains its functionality to 90% even after 500 hundred charging cycles.

But our 45W 5000mAh power banks are amazing in more aspects. For example, the ActiveShield 2.0 technology takes safety to the maximum level by monitoring temperature up to 3 million times a day, letting customers rest assured that no safety hazard is present. Furthermore, endowed with wide compatibility, our 45W power banks can charge smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, etc.), tablets (iPad Pro, Air, Mini), and even laptops like MacBook Pro.

In short, Anker’s 45W power banks are powerful gadgets that make charging a breeze. Shop our 45W power banks and embrace future charging techs now! And if you are an Apple user, check out our quality USB-C to Lightning cables for more charging options.

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