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45W USB-C Charger

A 45W USB C charger is a device that utilizes the USB-C interface to deliver up to 45 watts of power to compatible devices. It is designed for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic gadgets that support USB-C Power Delivery (PD) technology. Delivering a relatively high speed with compact designs, it is welcomed as a versatile and practical charging solution.



More About 45W USB-C Charger

Like always, Anker has the best 45W USB-C chargers to meet your charging needs. Featuring an extremely compact design, our 45W chargers measure up to 34% tinier than other 45W chargers, taking up as little space as you can imagine. But such a small size is no impediment to their fast-charging prowess. In fact, our 45W chargers can fully charge a Galaxy S23 Ultra within an hour, and can even handle laptops like the 2020 MacBook Air. This makes our chargers an extremely versatile charging solution for a multitude of electronics.

Moreover, due to the advanced MultiProtect feature, our 45W chargers are well-equipped with a complete range of protections like short-circuit protection, high-voltage protection, temperature control, and so on, sparing no effort to safeguard your charging process and ensuring your peace of mind.

Overall, our 45W chargers provide the utmost performance and convenience for charging your phones, laptops, smartwatches, and even headphones. So explore our various quality 45W fast chargers symbolizing a sheer showcase of our technical expertise as well as craftsmanship. Embrace upgraded charging solutions with Anker today!

45W USB-C Charger FAQs

Is it OK to use a 45W charger on the phone?

Yes, it is generally safe to use a 45W charger on a phone. Most phones have built-in charging circuitry that regulates the charging speed to prevent damage to the battery. This means that your phone will only draw as much power as it can handle. Nevertheless, it is vital to choose compatible chargers from renowned brands like Anker 713 Charger (Nano II 45W) to ensure universal compatibility and safety.

What is the difference between a 25W and a 45W charger?

The main difference between a 25W and a 45W charger is the wattage. A 25W charger delivers 25 watts of power, while a 45W charger delivers 45 watts of power. This means that a 45W charger will charge your device faster than a 25W charger. For example, the Anker 313 Charger (Ace, 45W) can fully charge a Galaxy S23 Ultra within an hour.

Will a 45W charger damage a battery?

Using a 45W charger with a device that supports it will not damage the battery. Modern devices are designed to handle various charging speeds safely. Therefore, the device will generally only draw the amount of power it requires. This said, it is still essential to use a charger from reputable brands to ensure optimal compatibility and reduce any safety hazards during charging.

Can a 45W USB-C charger charge my laptop?

Similar to the case of USB hubs for laptops, A 45W USB-C charger can charge your laptop via a cable (such as a USB 2.0 cable) if your laptop supports USB-C charging and has a power requirement of 45W or less. For example, the Anker 713 Charger (Nano II 45W) can handle the task of charging a 2020 MacBook Air pretty well. However, for more power-hungry laptops that require more than 45W of power, a 45W charger may not deliver the best possible performance. This is also why Anker has made higher-wattage chargers too.

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