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Charger for MacBook Pro

A MacBook Pro charger is essential for proper power supply, safe charging, and optimal performance. It typically features a USB-C or MagSafe connector that plugs into the laptop's charging port and connects to an electrical outlet, allowing the laptop to perform various tasks without draining the battery.



More About Charger for MacBook Pro

Step into a new era of charging prowess with the Anker’s Apple MacBook Pro chargers. Flaunting a staggering 150W max total output, they are well-equipped to energize two laptops rapidly, or power up 4 devices simultaneously via its up to 100W blazingly fast USB-C port.

Moreover, thanks to the dynamic power distribution, our MacBook chargers distribute power evenly among connected devices, ensuring a balanced charging journey. And, this power doesn't come at the cost of safety: the advanced ActiveShield 2.0 technology monitors the temperature during operation for up to 3 million times a day and adjusts the power output accordingly, guaranteeing ultimate peace of mind.

Furthermore, all this potency is packed into a compact design that is way smaller than an Apple charger of similar wattage, making it a perfect choice for on-the-go charging needs. In short, Anker’s MacBook chargers are where speed, safety, and compactness harmonize seamlessly.

Redefine your charging experience with Anker’s chargers for MacBook Pro today! By the way, we also have MacBook Air chargers and MacBook Air charging cords for you if you’re a MacBook Air user!

Charger for MacBook Pro FAQs

What kind of charger works with MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro laptops typically use USB-C chargers. These chargers have a USB-C connector that plugs into the laptop and provides power through the USB-C port. However, it's better to use a reputable charger with the appropriate wattage to ensure safe and efficient charging, as MacBook Pro models may require different wattage levels.

Can you charge a MacBook Pro with a USB-C charger?

Yes, you can charge a MacBook Pro with a USB-C charger. Apple's MacBook Pro models are designed to be compatible with USB-C chargers, which use the USB-C port on the laptop for both power delivery and data transfer. For example, the  Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W) is a USB-C charger that can charge a single MacBook Pro at up to 100W.

Is 60W enough to charge MacBook Pro?

Yes, a 60W charger is typically sufficient to charge a MacBook Pro, especially for smaller 13-inch models. However, larger MacBook Pro models may benefit from a higher-wattage charger for faster charging and optimal performance, especially during heavy usage or resource-intensive tasks.

Is it OK to use a 100W charger with a MacBook Pro?

Yes, using a 100W charger with a MacBook Pro is generally safe and won't harm the laptop. MacBooks are designed to draw only the amount of power they need, so the laptop will regulate the charging process. What’s more, you can even charge a MacBook Pro with a 150W charger, like the Anker 747 charger for optimal performance.

How do I know which wattage charger I need for my MacBook Pro?

To determine the appropriate wattage charger for your MacBook Pro, you need to refer to Apple's official specifications or documentation for your specific MacBook Pro model. Generally, 13-inch models can work well with 60W or higher chargers, while the 16-inch model benefits from 96W or higher for optimal performance during charging and heavy tasks.

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