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Charging Cable for MacBook Pro

A charging cable for MacBook Pro is crucial for consistent power supply and fast charging. Its durability and convenience contribute to uninterrupted productivity, making it an essential accessory for MacBook Pro users.



More About Charging Cable for MacBook Pro

Transform your charging game with Anker MacBook Pro charger cords, an embodiment of Anker’s technical prowess. Supporting an output of up to 140W and USB Power Delivery 3.1, our MacBook Pro charging cables let energy flow unimpeded inside them, enabling high-speed charging for your MacBook Pro when paired with a charger.

Moreover, thanks to their strong and hardcore design, enduring the rigors of daily life becomes a breeze: They can withstand up to 35000 bends, making them ideal products for heavy-duty use. Furthermore, our cables for MacBook Pro chargers feature extensive compatibility too, working with virtually any MacBook Pro model that utilizes a USB-C connection.

In summary, choosing Anker’s charging cables ensures an elevated and hassle-free charging journey that is marked by unrivaled speed as well as satisfaction.Come pick Anker’s MacBook Pro charger cables and experience charging excellence today! Meanwhile, MacBook Air users can also dive into our collection of MacBook Air chargers and MacBook Air charging cords for the charging upgrade!

Charging Cable for MacBook Pro FAQs

What type of cable charges MacBook Pro?

A MacBook Pro can typically be charged using two kinds of cables:

USB-C cables: These cables feature a USB-C connector on one end and can be plugged into the USB-C/Thunderbolt ports on newer MacBook Pro models.

MagSafe cables: In older MacBook Pro models, MagSafe cables are used. These cables have a magnetic connector that attaches to the laptop's MagSafe port.

Can I charge a MacBook Pro with a USB-C to USB cable?

Yes, it’s possible to charge a MacBook Pro with a USB-C to USB cable. However, it is important to note that the charging speed will be slower than if you use a USB-C to USB-C cable since the USB-A end can bottleneck the charging efficiency.

Can I use a USB-C cable from a different manufacturer with my MacBook Pro?

Yes, you can use a USB-C cable from a different manufacturer with your MacBook Pro. However, it's important to ensure that the cable is of good quality and supports the necessary power delivery specifications for MacBook Pro charging. A good example is the Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable (140W Nylon) that supports a maximum output of 140W and is compatible with USB PD 3.1.

Can I use any USB-C cable to charge my MacBook Pro?

Not exactly. While many USB-C cables will physically fit into your MacBook Pro's USB-C port, not all cables are suitable for charging. To ensure safe and effective charging, it's important to use high-quality USB-C cables from reputable brands like Anker that support not only the required power delivery specifications for your MacBook Pro but also PD 3.1.

How do I know if a USB-C cable is safe to use with my MacBook Pro?

Here are two things you can do to ensure your cable is safe to use with your MacBook Pro:

Choose only reputable brands: Opt for USB-C cables from well-known and reputable brands like Anker. Established brands often prioritize quality and safety to protect their reputation.

Check compatibility: Ensure that the USB-C cable is compatible with your specific MacBook Pro model. You can check out the official website of the cable manufacturer for the compatibility data.

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