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Desktop USB Hub

A desktop USB hub enhances connectivity and convenience by providing additional ports to a desktop computer. It allows you to connect various peripherals like keyboards, mice, printers, external hard drives, and even VR headsets (via a VR link cable), making it a valuable accessory to boost the functionality of your desktop.



More About Desktop USB Hub

Anker’s technical excellence is well manifested in our range of cutting-edge desktop USB hubs. Equipped with up to 8 ports and slots of different kinds (USB-C PD, HDMI, USB-A, SD card slot, Ethernet, etc.), our desktop USB hubs cover any connection needs you can come up with. In fact, our hubs excel in data transfer too. For example, the USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 ports enable transferring 20GB of file in just 16 seconds, which is nothing but impressive.

Moreover, our desktop USB hubs are the perfect solution for external display needs, allowing you to extend or mirror your current screen for multitasking or viewing media at up to 4K@60Hz via the HDMI port. Aside from all this, our desktop USB hubs are widely compatible too, working seamlessly with both Windows and macOS.

In short, Anker’s desktop USB hubs are the epitome of connectivity, performance, and versatility. Come revolutionize your desktop with Anker USB hub for desktop today!

Desktop USB Hub FAQs

Can you use a USB hub with a desktop computer?

Yes, you can generally use a USB hub with a desktop computer by simply plugging the hub into one of the USB ports on your desktop. However, note that the operating system of your computer should be compatible with the hub to ensure smooth functioning.

Can I charge my devices using a desktop USB hub?

Yes, it’s generally possible to charge your devices using a desktop USB hub since most hubs nowadays support USB-C Power Delivery. However, the charging performance may vary depending on the hub's power output. So please choose a quality hub like the Anker 655 USB-C Hub (8-in-1) that can parallel the charging speed of a dual USB charger with its 100W USB-C PD.

Do USB hubs support data transfer between connected devices?

Yes, USB hubs support data transfer between connected devices. However, how fast the transfer speed can get is dependent on the specific hub model. For example, the Anker 655 USB-C Hub can attain a maximum transfer speed of 10Gbps via the USB-A port.

Are USB hubs backward compatible with older USB standards?

Yes, USB hubs are generally backward compatible with older USB standards. For example, a USB 3.0 hub can connect and interact with devices using USB 2.0 or even USB 1.1 standards. However, the data transfer speed will be limited to the capabilities of the lowest standard involved.

Can I daisy-chain USB hubs on my desktop?

Yes, it’s possible to daisy-chain USB hubs on your desktop as a method to add more ports. However, this practice can cause a decrease in performance due to bandwidth sharing. Also, you cannot daisy chain more than 127 devices in one network due to the innate limitation of USB standards. 

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