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Qi Fast Wireless Chargers

Fast Charging Qi Wireless Chargers offer quick and convenient power replenishment for compatible devices, eliminating the need for cables, and providing efficient charging speeds, enhancing the overall convenience of your charging experience.



More About Qi Fast Wireless Chargers

With the most advanced collection of Qi fast wireless chargers on sale, Anker is marching another step toward charging excellence. To begin with, our Qi wireless fast chargers are as fast as they are smart, as evidenced by their 15W max output and the function to automatically switch between different wattages (5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W) based on your device’s power need.

Moreover, some of our fast charging Qi wireless chargers ensure a comfortable viewing angle, allowing you to watch videos or edit text without impediment while your phone is powered up. But you can expect still more. Crafted with safety in mind, our fast charging Qi wireless chargers meticulously monitor temperature, detect foreign objects, and check circuit status non-stop, guaranteeing a charging experience with total peace of mind.

In short, endowed with blazing efficiency, smart mode-switching, and robust safety protection, Anker’s fast charging Qi wireless chargers are nothing short of next-gen miracles, dramatically transforming your charging experience.

FAQ about Qi Fast Wireless Chargers

What is the fastest Qi charging?

The fastest Qi charging that is widely available as of 2023 is 15W. Many Qi fast charge wireless charging pads, such as the PowerWave II Pad, can attain this wattage when paired with certain smartphones.

Is 10W or 15W better for wireless charging?

The choice between 10W and 15W for wireless charging depends on your device's compatibility and charging capabilities. If your device supports 15W charging, opting for a 15W charger can provide faster charging speeds. However, it's essential to ensure your device is compatible with the higher wattage for optimal performance.

Does Qi charger reduce battery life?

No. Qi chargers, especially quality ones armed with all the necessary safety features, do not significantly impact battery life. Take the Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Stand) as an example: this Qi fast wireless charging stand employs the MultiProtect safety system that monitors temperature in real-time, making sure your phone battery is free from the slightest degree of overheating.

Why is my wireless fast charger not fast charging?

Several factors could contribute to your wireless fast charger not delivering the expected fast charging speed:

Incompatible device or charger: Ensure that your device and charger are compatible with the same fast charging standard (e.g., Qi fast charging). Some devices and chargers may not support the same fast charging protocols.

Obstacles and interference: Metal cases or objects between the device and charger can hinder charging efficiency. Remove any obstacles that may be blocking the wireless charging connection.

The smart design of certain chargers: Some Qi wireless chargers, such as the Anker PowerWave II Pad, smartly switch between different wattage levels based on the device’s power need. If it decides that charging fast is unnecessary, it will settle on lower wattage modes to save energy.

Are any wireless chargers fast charging?

Definitely. Many wireless chargers support fast charging. To benefit from fast charging, ensure your device is compatible with the charger's wattage and supports the specific fast-charging standard. Specifically, Anker’s wireless fast chargers typically deliver up to 15W wireless output and are compatible with devices ranging from Samsung S20 to AirPods Pro.

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