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HDMI hubs provide streamlined connectivity for multiple devices, simplifying cable management and enabling seamless switching between various sources on a single display. Unlock the full potential of your device with Anker's cutting-edge HDMI hubs, designed to revolutionize connectivity and productivity.



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More About HDMI Hub

Featuring an impressive 10-in-1 connectivity solution, these multiple HDMI port hubs encompass HDMI ports, USB-C ports, USB-A ports, an SD card slot, an Ethernet port, etc. catering to different data speeds and connectivity needs.

With these HDMI hubs for TV, you can seamlessly display or mirror content in breathtaking 4K resolution at up to 60Hz on a single screen, or enjoy dual-display capabilities at 30Hz on two screens through the HDMI ports.

Furthermore, efficiency reaches new heights with rapid data transfers of up to 5 Gbps via the USB-C and USB-A ports, enhancing workflow seamlessly. The integrated pass-through charging support of up to 85W ensures uninterrupted productivity by enabling laptop charging while utilizing the hub.

So elevate your connectivity game with Anker's USB C hubs HDMI models, enjoying versatile connectivity, high-speed data transfer, and powerful charging capabilities, all in one compact and user-friendly hub.


How do HDMI hubs work?

HDMI hubs expand device connectivity. They connect to a device's HDMI port, offering additional ports like HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and more. Users can connect peripherals to transfer data through these ports and even get charging, enhancing device functionality, simplifying multitasking, and optimizing user experience. 

How many devices can I connect to an HDMI hub?

This depends on the available ports of your HDMI hub. Generally, you can get 3-10 devices connected together. For example, Anker 364 USB-C Hub (10-in-1, Dual 4K HDMI) offers 10 ports for connecting with HDMI displays, USB peripherals, Ethernet connections, SD cards, and more to enhance your device's capabilities. 

Do HDMI hubs support 4K resolution and high refresh rates?

Yes, HDMI hubs like Anker 364 USB-C Hub (10-in-1, Dual 4K HDMI) support 4K resolution and high refresh rates, offering up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@144Hz capabilities. This ensures sharp and clear visuals with smooth motion, making them ideal for mirroring or extending your screen without compromising on quality. 

Can I connect multiple displays to an HDMI hub?

Yes, you can connect multiple displays to an HDMI hub, provided it has multiple HDMI ports. Anker offers USB to HDMI Adapters providing two HDMI ports that enable you to extend or mirror your screen to additional monitors or projectors. The universal compatibility allows you to connect to a variety of devices and expand your display setup easily.

Do HDMI hubs require external power?

This depends. The power requirement for HDMI hubs varies based on their type. Passive HDMI hubs are self-powered and suitable for shorter distances, while active HDMI hubs, such as some of Anker's offerings, may require external power when transmitting signals over longer distances or connecting with many devices. It's essential to consider the hub's design and your specific usage scenario to determine which type is right for you.

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