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An HDMI hub for TV simplifies cable clutter, allowing you to connect multiple devices to your TV with ease and switch between them effortlessly for enhanced entertainment convenience. Upgrade your TV experience with Anker's versatile HDMI hubs for TVs, a game-changing addition to your entertainment setup.



More About HDMI Hub for TV

With an impressive 10-in-1 connectivity, it seamlessly integrates two 4K HDMI ports, USB-C and USB-A ports, Ethernet connectivity, an SD card slot, and more. Using this compact HDMI docking station, you can unleash the power of dual displays, stream or mirror content in mesmerizing 4K@60Hz, or opt for dual-screen setups at 4K@30Hz resolution.

Furthermore, file transfer is not a problem anymore. These iMac USB hubs support up to 5 Gbps data transfer through the USB-C and USB-A data ports or utilize the SD card slot for hassle-free photo & video transfers. Moreover, our USB hubs provide up to 85W pass-through charging, ensuring you can power up your laptop while using the hub.

So, supercharge your TV entertainment setup, unlock seamless data transfers, and experience the convenience of powerful pass-through charging with Anker's HDMI hubs for TVs today, a must-have for those seeking optimal connectivity and efficiency

HDMI Hub for TV FAQs

Can you use an HDMI hub on a TV?

Yes, you can generally use an HDMI hub on a TV. Take the corresponding HDMI cable to connect the HDMI ports on both the hub and TV, then you can get a connection between your TV and various other devices connected to the HDMI hubs such as your gaming consoles, laptops, and more, enhancing versatility and providing a seamless and convenient entertainment experience. 

How do I add more HDMI ports to my TV?

You can add more HDMI ports to your TV by using an HDMI hub or switch. Simply connect the HDMI hub or switch to one of your TV's existing HDMI ports, and then connect multiple devices to the hub's additional ports. This expands your TV's connectivity options, allowing you to easily switch between different devices without constantly unplugging and re-plugging cables. 

Can I use an HDMI hub for TV with both standard and HDR content?

Yes, you can use some HDMI hubs for TVs with both standard and HDR content. For example, Anker 364 USB-C Hub (10-in-1, Dual 4K HDMI) comes with two 4K HDMI ports, supporting you to stream or mirror content to a single device in 4K@60Hz or hook up two displays to both HDMI ports in 4K@30Hz. So you can fully benefit from the enhanced picture quality and dynamic range for different needs. 

Can I use an HDMI hub with older TVs?

Yes, you can use an HDMI hub with older TVs, provided the TV has at least one available HDMI port. Then you can connect the HDMI hub with your TV to link with multiple devices and expand the TV's connectivity options. However, ensure the hub's specifications match your TV's resolution capabilities for optimal performance. 

Can I use an HDMI hub for TV to enhance my home theater setup?

Absolutely, using an HDMI hub for your TV can significantly enhance your home theater setup. It enables seamless connectivity for multiple devices like gaming consoles, streaming devices, and sound systems, allowing you to streamline cable management, simplify switching between sources, and optimize your home theater experience.

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