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USB C to MagSafe 2

Combining the impressive charging speed of USB-C and the recognized reliability of MagSafe 2, USB-C to MagSafe 2 cables are the perfect solution for charging Apple devices with MagSafe 2 ports, making them a staple among Apple users.

More about USB C to MagSafe 2

Here at Anker, we provide the most sophisticated lineup of USB C to MagSafe 2 adapters to make charging your MacBooks a breeze. The sophistication of our MagSafe 2 to USB C adapters is multifold. First, Anker’s engineering prowess ensures a swift and powerful charging experience. With our USB Type C to MagSafe 2 adapters, you can resume productivity in a snap in case the power of your MacBook is down.

Moreover, our commitment to quality shines through in the unmatched durability of our MagSafe 2 to USB-C adapters. Crafted with premium materials and reinforced connectors, these adapters withstand the rigors of daily use, providing longevity and peace of mind.

Plus, our MagSafe 2 to USB C adapters deliver a consistently stable and reliable power transfer thanks to the MagSafe advantage. In case you trip over the charging cable, it disconnects safely, ensuring that your MacBook stays put as before. So explore our USB C to MagSafe 2 cables today for all these benefits and convenience.

FAQ about USB C to MagSafe 2

What is MagSafe 2 compatible with?

MagSafe 2 is compatible with MacBook models featuring MagSafe 2 connectors, such as MacBook Air and certain MacBook Pro models released between 2012 and 2017. It is essential to use the appropriate MagSafe 2 power adapter for charging and power delivery on these specific MacBook models.

Will MagSafe 1 work with MagSafe 2?

No. MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2 are not directly compatible due to their different connector shapes. In other words, it is not possible to charge a MagSafe 2 device using a MagSafe 1 cable. To charge a MagSafe 2 device, your best option is to purchase quality Anker USB C MagSafe 2 cables or use Apple's MagSafe 1 to MagSafe 2 converters.

How does the MagSafe 2 charger work?

The MagSafe 2 charger employs a magnetic connection mechanism for MacBook charging.

As you connect the MagSafe 2 connector to the MagSafe 2 port of the device being charged, the connector magnetically aligns and attaches to the port, forming a secure link. In case accidental tension is applied to the cable, the connector detaches harmlessly, preventing damage to the laptop or cable.

What is the difference between MagSafe 2 and 3?

There are several key differences between MagSafe 2 and 3:

Connector Shape: MagSafe 3 features a slimmer appearance than its predecessor MagSafe 2.

Charging Power: MagSafe 3 delivers more powerful charging, sometimes reaching 100W.

Compatibility: MagSafe 2 and 3 differ in their compatibility range. MagSafe 3 is mainly compatible with MacBooks released post-2021, while MagSafe 2 typically goes with MacBooks released between 2012 and 2017.

Can I charge my MagSafe laptop with USB-C?

Whether you can charge your MagSafe laptop with USB-C depends on your specific model or whether your MagSafe laptop has a USB-C port. If your MagSafe laptop also has a USB-C charging port (e.g., the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro), the answer is yes. On the other hand, MacBook models introduced prior to 2015 do not have USB-C ports and hence can’t be charged via USB-C.

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