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USB Extender

USB extenders aim to expand the connectivity options of USB devices, allowing users to connect multiple peripherals, displays, and accessories for enhanced productivity and convenience. Unleash the full potential of your creative journey with Anker's exceptional USB extender hubs! Elevate your connectivity experience with style and build quality like no other.

USB Extender FAQs

What is a USB extender?

A USB extender hub is a device that allows you to provide additional USB ports for connecting multiple devices. It ensures reliable data transfer and power delivery over different devices, making it useful in various scenarios where you need to connect multiple peripherals simultaneously. 

How does a USB extender work?

A USB extender acts as a central hub that allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer simultaneously via a single USB port on your computer. When you plug a USB device into the extender hub, it establishes a connection with your computer, enabling data transfer and power delivery. This way, you can easily manage and use multiple USB devices without having to constantly plug and unplug them directly into your computer. 

Can I use a USB extender for both data and power transmission?

Yes, you can typically use a USB extender for both data and power transmission as most USB extender hubs feature ports with power delivery features and data transfer. For example, Anker 655 USB-C Hub has a 100W USB-C Power Delivery input and can also transfer files at speeds of up to 10 Gbps via USB-A ports, making them versatile for various applications like charging devices and connecting peripherals. 

Are USB extenders compatible with all USB devices?

Not exactly, while USB extenders are generally compatible with most USB devices, the specific compatibility may vary based on the specific extender's type and version. To ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance, the USB extender you choose should come with the types of ports your device use and support the USB standard of your devices (e.g., USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB-C).

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