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Wireless chargers for Samsung Galaxy devices provide hassle-free, cable-free charging, preserving your device's port longevity and simplifying your daily charging routine. Step into the wonderful world of Samsung Galaxy charging with Anker's Samsung Galaxy wireless chargers./nDesigned with compatibility in mind, our Galaxy wireless chargers seamlessly with a wide range of devices and also stand out for a remarkable capability to charge up to four devices simultaneously through wireless charging surfaces, the Lightning connector dock, or USB-C output port, allowing you to power up your phone, smartwatch, and more all at once. Another notable advantage is the case-friendly design, supporting a phone charging with an up to 5 mm thick case included. What truly sets these wireless chargers for Samsung Galaxy apart is Anker's commitment to safety, evident in its MultiProtect system to protect against foreign object detection, short circuit protection, temperature control, etc. ensuring that your devices are charged with utmost care and protection. Overall, Anker's Samsung Galaxy wireless chargers not only offer versatility and safety but also a streamlined charging experience that aligns perfectly with the needs of modern smartphone users. So say goodbye to the tangle of cables and enjoy the convenience of simultaneous charging today. Don't worry if you're also an iPhone user, check out our iPhone 14 charging cables and iPhone 14 portable chargers for easy and efficient charging everywhere.

Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy FAQs

Can Samsung Galaxy phone be charged wirelessly?

This depends on your Galaxy models. Most newer Qi-enabled Samsung Galaxy phones can be charged wirelessly like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy Note 5 or newer, allowing users to charge their devices without the need for physical cables. However, older Galaxy devices may need the appropriate wall chargers to get powered up. 

How fast is wireless charging on Samsung Galaxy devices?

The speed of wireless charging on Samsung Galaxy devices can vary depending on the model and the charger being used. Generally, Samsung Galaxy phones support up to 15W fast wireless charging, which can provide a significant charge in a relatively short amount of time, but the exact speed may differ between devices and charger specifications.

Is it safe to leave my Samsung Galaxy device on the wireless charger overnight?

Yes, it is generally safe to leave your Samsung Galaxy device on a wireless charger overnight. Most modern wireless chargers are designed with safety features, such as automatic power cutoff when the device is fully charged or Anker's MultiProtect system for short circuit protection, temperature control, and more. However, using a reputable quality charger is recommended to minimize any potential risks.

Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy with a thick protective case?

Yes, you can often charge your Samsung Galaxy with a protective case. For example, Anker 544 Wireless Charger (4-in-1 stand) is designed to transmit power through an up to 5mm thick case. However, extremely thick or metal cases may impede wireless charging, so it's advisable to check compatibility and use a case appropriate to your wireless chargers when charging.

Are there any safety concerns when charging your Samsung Galaxy wirelessly?

Wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy devices is generally safe with Anker wireless chargers which come equipped with safety features like temperature control and foreign object detection. However, using certified chargers and avoiding off-branded or damaged charging equipment is crucial to minimize potential safety risks.

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