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The iPhone 15 wireless charger offers a convenient and efficient way to power up your device without the hassle of traditional charging cables. It is usually compact yet powerful, delivering high-speed charging to your iPhone 15 as well as earlier iPhone models. For Apple users who want stellar charging speed for their iPhone 15 but also prefer a tangle-free experience, Anker’s iPhone 15 wireless chargers are the starting point. Our MFi-certified MagSafe chargers for iPhone 15 feature up to 15W high-speed wireless charging for not only the iPhone 15 but also the previous iPhone 14/13/12 series, making them comprehensive charging solutions. Just snap your iPhone into alignment and your iPhone will be replenished in no time. Moreover, our iPhone 15 MagSafe chargers let you adjust the viewing angles effortlessly, meaning you are guaranteed a comfortable view even when your phone is being charged. Lastly, the appearance of our wireless charger for iPhone 15 is no less impressive too which combines simplicity and compactness, resulting in a design that is both visually appealing and portable. In short, Anker’s iPhone 15 wireless chargers strike a chord with enthusiastic wireless charging fans and fastidious minimalists alike. Say goodbye to tangled charging cables and embrace the cable-free advantage with the Anker wireless charger iPhone 15 today!




What type of wireless charging does the iPhone 15 support?

Aside from wired charging from regular USB-C chargers, the iPhone 15 supports two types of wireless charging: MagSafe and Qi. Both are advanced wireless charging technologies that enable high-speed power delivery without the presence of cables.

Is MagSafe wireless charging available for the iPhone 15?

The answer is yes. MagSafe wireless charging will be available for the newest iPhone 15. This means you can use an iPhone 15 magnetic charger such as the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe to charge your iPhone 15 efficiently.

What is the recommended wattage for a wireless charger for the iPhone 15?

The recommended wattage for a wireless charger for the iPhone 15 is 15W. This is the maximum wattage that the iPhone 15 supports for MagSafe wireless charging. Many wireless chargers can achieve such a wattage, and the most notable example among them is the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe which features 15W swift charging for iPhone 15 and earlier iPhone 12/13/14 models.

Can I charge my iPhone 15 wirelessly through a protective case?

Yes, you can typically charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly through a protective case, provided the case is not excessively thick or made of materials that block wireless charging signals. For example, Anker wireless chargers generally support charging your phone with an up to 5mm thick protective case.

What are the safety considerations when using wireless chargers with the iPhone 15?

Here are some safety considerations when using wireless chargers with the iPhone 15:

Use a certified charger: Make sure to use an MFi-certified charger or charging stations for iPhone 15 from reputable brands like Anker. This will help to ensure that the charging process is fast and safe.

Do not overheat the charger: Do not leave the charger plugged in for extended periods of time when it is not in use. This can overheat the charger and pose a fire hazard.

Do not place metal objects near the charger: If you use a MagSafe charger, keep metal objects far away from the charger to avoid accidental attraction.

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