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Top Steam Deck Accessories from Anker - Optimize Your Gaming Adventures

Top Steam Deck Accessories from Anker - Optimize Your Gaming Adventures

Steam Deck is probably the most sophisticated handheld gaming console today. The system provides a crisp and smooth gaming experience. Although it is fully operational with just the basic Steam Deck accessories, investing in other must have Steam Deck accessories can definitely enhance your overall satisfaction with the game you are into.


With this being said—the list I prepared for today will give you the top Steam Deck accessories that you have to check out. In addition, I will share with you my insights about each of the products and help you determine if they’re a good value for your money or if are they a waste after all. So without further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion of the best Steam Deck accessories…


What Do I Need with My Steam Deck?


There are some must have Steam Deck accessories that should be with you every time you are using the device to make your gaming experience a breeze and highly enjoyable. To name a few of them, the following are three Steam Deck accessories that you have to take into consideration—


Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24k)


The essentiality of a power bank is a no-brainer for practical purposes. The device stores energy in order to charge your devices without the need to plug them into an electrical outlet. Now, this is a direct necessity and convenience when it comes to travel and commuting since power outlets could be very hard to come by during these instances.


However, you have to bear in mind that each type of device has its specific power demands, which is also true with the Steam Deck. Therefore, you will need a powerful device such as the Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K). First and foremost, it offers consumers a super-efficient charging power bank through the help of its Power Delivery 3.1. It is a technology that uses a bi-directional mechanism and 140W charge capacity that can power up your devices quickly.


In addition, the Anker 737 is long-lasting and high-capacity since it features a 24,000 mAh battery life that can keep your Steam Deck well-juiced for at least two days. The power bank also has an LCD screen that gives you a good idea of the battery life and whether it is properly charging your Steam Deck.


Anker 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)


The Anker 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1) is a unique product from the brand. The “7-in-1” product description is already an indication of how special the product from Anker is. It is compact and pocket-sized but it has a massive expansion capability that allows you to save and transfer important gaming files from your Steam Deck to your laptop or vice versa. By buying the Anker 341 you’ll benefit from the extension devices’ data ports that include an SD card slot, USB-C port, 4K@30Hz HDMI, and USB-A/USB-C data ports.


The HDMI ports of the Anker 341 USB-C Hub can also be used to connect your Steam Deck games to your TV and stream them live on social media networks. With so many features for a tiny device, the Anker 341 USB-C is among the cool Steam Deck accessories that you have to include in your gaming inventory.



Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W) with USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Anker 735 Charger (GaNPrime 65W) with USB-C to USB-C Cable is a superior and high-performance power brick. Although it might seem like an ordinary charger at first, you will be surprised at how it can power up your device extremely fast and how super safe it is even if you use all three plugs at once. The 65W of Anker 735 can give your Steam Deck a full battery life in about one hour. It is also equipped with Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 that automatically adjusts charge distribution to ensure the device won’t overheat and receive power efficiently yet faster.


In addition, the GaN technology is prominent in every US household. The GaNPrime in particular consumes less electricity which allows you to save money on your monthly electricity bills. The Anker 735 charger is also equipped with ActiveShield 2.0 which regulates temperature in both the Steam Deck device and the charging brick as well.




Steam Deck is a high-end and top-of-the-line handheld gaming console. Although it loads the games without the aid of any external items or accessories, some accessories can significantly boost your gaming experience and provide you with high-level satisfaction afterward. The three items on this list that I shared with you today are the most reliable steam deck accessories you can rely on.


Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Deck Accessories


Below are additional concerns that many people have about the subject matter of Steam Deck accessories—


Does Steam Deck Use USB-C or Thunderbolt?


Steam Deck uses the USB-C cable to charge the device or transfer files from the PC to Steam Deck or vice versa. The USB-C is also the recommended cable for PD passthrough or dock or hubs that include peripherals, external screens, and game controllers.


Will Any USB-C Cable Work with Steam Deck?


Most USB-C cables will work seamlessly with the Steam Deck, meaning you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. However, the accessory needs to be certified by the company to work. This is also exactly the case with Steam Deck, you have to look for brands that have certification from the company in order to prevent any inconveniences after you bought them.


Can I Use 65W Charger for Steam Deck?


Yes! You can definitely use a 65 watts charger or power banks for Steam Deck. You have to bear in mind that the 65 watts description is only the maximum wattage the charger could deliver, and it will not force all 65 watts into the Steam Deck.

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