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Stay Charged: The Best Wireless Power Bank to Buy 2024

Stay Charged: The Best Wireless Power Bank to Buy 2024

Immerse yourself in boundless freedom as you break free from cables and wall sockets! Welcome to the world of wireless power bank. These unbeatable power juggernauts embody convenience and empowerment, bringing life back to your devices in the most hassle-free way possible. So, how does this techno-wizardry work? What are the showstoppers that excel in this field, and importantly, what should you look for when choosing your own wireless power bank? Brace yourself for an electrifying journey as we unwrap the answers to these questions and reveal the cream of the crop in the world of wireless power banks. Let's begin!

What is a wireless power bank?

A wireless power bank, more generally referred to as a "wireless charger", is an innovative tech gadget that allows you to charge your compatible devices without the need for connecting any cables or wires. Such power banks come in a variety of capacities, typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), and are capable of charging an array of devices, including smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches.

Wireless power banks have gained popularity due to the convenience they provide. They eliminate the need for carrying multiple chargers and cables and can rapidly charge multiple devices at the same time (provided the devices support wireless charging).

How does a wireless power bank work?

The wireless power bank works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This scientific principle was established by Michael Faraday and its contemporary application allows for wireless charging of devices. Here is a simple, step-by-step explanation of how it works:

  1. Power Supply:The wireless power bank itself needs to be charged from a power source, typically using a micro-USB or a USB-C cable. This stored power is then used to charge other devices wirelessly.
  1. Electromagnetic fields:Once the power bank is charged, it can generate an electromagnetic field. Inside the power bank, an induction coil is used to create this electromagnetic field.
  1. Wireless Charging:Compatible devices that are placed on or near the power bank will have this electromagnetic field converted back into electricity by their own built-in receiver coil.
  1. Charging Receiver Devices:The electricity generated is then used to charge the battery of the receiver devices.

Wireless charging is not as efficient as wired charging, and it can take a bit longer to fully charge a device this way. However, the convenience and sleek design of wireless power banks often outweigh these minor shortcomings. It is important to note that not all devices support wireless charging, so make sure to check if your devices are compatible.

Best wireless power banks

Here is a list of some of the best fast charging wireless power bank in the market right now:

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) is an innovative device packed with unique features for optimal user experience. It comes with a flexible foldable kickstand making iPhone 13/12 viewing comfortable. It is powered by a strong magnet for perfect alignment and efficient charging. Despite its sleek, slim frame measuring just 0.5 inches thin, it offers ease of use for tasks on your phone. Enhanced with our Mini Cell technology, the battery size doesn't compromise power output or charging efficiency.

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery

The Anker 633 Magnetic Battery is a compact yet robust, 2-in-1 accessory. It wirelessly powers your phone with its potent 10,000mAh battery—capable of recharging an iPhone 13 Pro 1.8 times and serving as a handy foldable stand. Its strong magnets ensure a secure connection, providing a steady charge. With the device's 20W USB-C Power Delivery port, it speeds up charging threefold.

Anker 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

Experience unparalleled convenience with the Anker 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo), now featuring innovative MiniCell technology for a lighter, smaller design. Effortlessly snap this pocket-sized device to your iPhone 13 or 12 and avoid misalignment issues, thanks to its powerful magnetic attachment. The MagGo simplifies charging and ensures secure, single-handed usage for taking selfies, making calls, and more.

What to look for when choosing a wireless power bank?

When choosing a wireless power bank, several factors must be checked to ensure you pick a model that suits your needs. Here are some considerations to help you in your decision-making process:

  1. Capacity

Consider the power bank's capacity, which is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). A higher capacity means more energy stored, allowing for multiple charges before needing to recharge the power bank itself. Choose a capacity that suits your devices' needs and your usage patterns.

  1. Output

Check the power bank's output rating, usually measured in watts (W). Higher power output will result in faster wireless charging. Look for power banks with at least 5W or more for decent charging speeds.

  1. Charge Up Speed

This refers to how fast the power bank itself can be recharged. Faster charge-up speeds mean less time waiting for the power bank to recharge once you've used it to charge your devices.

  1. Number of USB Ports

The number of USB ports is crucial depending on how many devices you intend to charge simultaneously. Having more ports enables you to charge more devices concurrently.

  1. Wireless Charging Compatibility

To ensure compatibility, make sure the power bank is equipped with wireless charging capabilities that align with your devices' requirements. Use Qi technology for standard wireless charging.

  1. Design and Size

The portability of a power bank is an essential factor. The design should be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Size will often be a trade-off with capacity - larger power banks tend to have more capacity.

  1. Safety Features:

Ensure that the power bank has essential safety features like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control to prevent damage to both the power bank and your devices.

  1. Price

Price is always something to consider. More expensive models usually offer additional features like faster charging speeds or a larger capacity.

  1. Additional features

These might include built-in cables, LED indicators, a flashlight, or even solar charging capabilities. These can add convenience but assess if they justify any extra cost.



To wrap up, the wireless power bank emerges as an embodiment of untethered convenience. As you search for the perfect device, we hope our handpicked selection of the best wireless power bank successfully guides you on your journey. Free yourself from the constraints of conventional charging, and hop into a futuristic, boundless reservoir of boundless energy. Now is the moment to fully embrace the high-tech wonders you've been seeking and effortlessly wield that coveted power in the palm of your hand.



Here are some commonly asked queries about the best wireless power bank.


Is Wireless Power Bank better than wired?

Yes and no. Wireless power banks offer a great deal of convenience as they allow for cable-free charging, eliminating the need for dealing with tangled wires. However, wired power banks often charge devices more quickly and effectively due to the lack of energy loss during power transmission. So, the "better" option depends on whether your priority is convenience or efficiency.

How long does a wireless power bank last?

The lifespan of a wireless power bank largely depends on its capacity, quality, and usage patterns. With proper care and moderate usage, a high-quality power bank can last for several years (1.5 to 3.5 years), providing hundreds of charging cycles for your devices.

Can I charge non-wireless devices with a wireless power bank?

Yes, wireless power banks often also include USB ports to accommodate devices that do not support wireless charging. So you can still use them to charge non-wireless devices with the appropriate charging cable, making them versatile for all kinds of charging needs. However, please read the product description to ensure this applies to your specific power bank model.

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