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How To Camp In The Winter (A Proper Guide With Checklist)

How To Camp In The Winter (A Proper Guide With Checklist)

What is winter camping? Winter camping is not a piece of cake for every camper. Though it is a challenging activity, it adds to the excitement during your adventure to explore nature. If you are ready for this, let us tell you how to camp in the winter. Here, you will also find complete information about the checklist for your winter camping session. So, stay tuned and read this post from top to bottom, before you leave for your winter vacation to enjoy the snowy wilderness.


Why Is Winter Camping Gaining Popularity? 

Though winter camping is not like regular camping, it is still gaining popularity day by day. Before you think too much about this, we must tell you the possible reasons for its worldwide popularity among campers.


  • Winter Scenery: Though you may find it challenging to walk through the snow and explore the campsite, you will not be able to stop yourself from admiring the serene views of snow-capped trees, paths, valleys, and mountains.


  • No Bears and Bugs: People who enjoy camping vacations encounter bears often near their campsite. Bears have a strong sense of smell that tells them where to find food. But because bears hibernate during the winter, there would not be any bears coming to you for a free meal. Most species of insects (especially mosquitoes) do not like winter, so you are pretty safe from their menace.


  • Large Areas To Explore: Winters can make many people lazy. Not everyone can tolerate freezing temperatures. So many of them will not go camping in winter. As a result, very few campers choose to camp in the cooler temperatures, that's why you get a much larger area to explore.


  • Winter Activities: During your outdoor winter camping trip, you can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, riding a snowmobile, making a snowman, and playing many snow games. These activities are exclusive to winter camping only.

How To Prepare?

Let us look at what to include in your winter camping packing list. Carry all the necessary stuff so that you do not face any problems.

How To Dress Yourself? 

Dressing properly for your winter trip is utterly necessary. See the tips below on how to stay warm during winter camping.


  • Wearing underwear as per the temperature condition is necessary. Choose underwear made from polyester or wool if you are going to camp in sub-zero temperatures. 

  • Choose innerwear that keeps you warm. For insulation, innerwear should not be loose because it won’t be able to retain your body heat. Choose innerwear as per your body size.

  • Finally, wear a winter jacket that will maintain the warmth. Choose a waterproof jacket having a breathable fabric.


You must carry the following things.


  • Boots, gloves, and socks (woolen or polyester).

  • Winter cap

  • Sleeping bag

  • Blankets


How To Keep Your Tent Warm?

It is crucial to keep your tent warm during your winter vacation. Here are some tips below to keep it warm.


  • Use a portable tent heater.

  • Build a snow wall around your tent.

  • Set up your tent in a sunny spot.

  • Insulate the tent base well with flat rocks and dry leaves.

  • Use a smaller tent because the bigger the tent, the longer it will take to warm up.


Note: You can also opt for RV winter camping if you want more comfort and amenities while traveling.

How To Cook In The Snow? 

You must have a portable stove to cook your food. If you want to light a bonfire, this would be an alternative to a stove. Opt for canned food, as it has a longer shelf life. You can also cook them without hassle as the spices are pre-mixed. You can also make tea and bring along a coffee maker. 


How To Keep Your Device Charged?

Keeping your electronic devices charged during winter camping can be challenging due to the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Here are some tips to help keep your devices charged:


Invest in a High-quality Portable Power Station

Investing in a high-quality portable power station is a great option for keeping your devices charged when camping in winter. A portable power station is essentially a large power bank that can store a significant amount of energy and can power multiple devices simultaneously. Make sure to keep it warm by storing it in your sleeping bag or jacket pocket. Check out Anker 757 PowerHouse, a portable power station with a power output of 1500 watts. Want to enjoy coffee during your off grid winter camping trip? Try Anker portable power stations.


Use Solar Chargers

Even in winter, the sun can provide some power. Look for a solar charger that is specifically designed for use in cold temperatures. Place it in a sunny spot and angle it towards the sun to maximize its effectiveness.


Bring Spare Batteries

For devices that use replaceable batteries, bring extra batteries and keep them in a warm place, like your sleeping bag or jacket pocket.


Warm up Your Device

Cold temperatures can drain the battery of your device quickly. Keep your device in a warm place, such as your pocket, and take it out only when you need to use it.




Other Tips For a Perfect Winter Camping

You must keep the tips below in mind to have a safe and sound winter camping trip.


  • Always set up the tent securely. You don't want it blown away with the winds.

  • Carry a dustbin to collect all the waste generated during the journey. 

  • Don’t forget to carry flashlights, LED lanterns, and extra batteries for power backup.

  • Bring enough water with you. 

  • Carry a first aid box with all necessary medicines, disinfectants, and ointments.


If you are a regular camper, winter camping may not be for you. It can be enjoyed by only those who can tolerate cold temperatures and that too outside their comfort zone. It also takes a lot of preparation to enjoy your winter vacation properly. Always put your safety at the top of your priority list when you go snow camping. Hope we now have well covered this topic - how to camp in winter.


FAQ about How to Camp in the Winter

How Cold Is Too Cold To Camp?

Camping in a tent is generally not recommended in temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to -4 degrees Celsius) or lower than this, especially for those who are inexperienced or lack the appropriate gear. Water becomes ice at 32 °F so don't go without proper gear for winter camping. Otherwise, you could get hypothermia in such a freezing temperature.

What To Do While Camping In Winter?

You can try out the following ideas during your winter camping trip.


  • Hiking on the snow-covered trails.

  • Watching the calm nature during the day.

  • Snow sledding

  • Playing golf in the snow.

  • Skating on ice.

  • Stargazing (stars look brighter in winter)


How Hard Is Winter Camping?

It is not easy for average campers due to cold temperatures. Camping outside in sub-zero temperatures is a challenge for many campers. Cold weather also does not suit many people as it causes the body temperature to drop. Some novice campers can get sick from being outside in cold weather. Therefore, it is vital to make sufficient provisions if you opt for winter camping.

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