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Best Wireless Charger for Pixel 7

Best Wireless Charger for Pixel 7

Wireless charging has become one the of most sought-after features in our smartphones today, offering a convenient way to power up our devices without the hassle of tangled cables. As a Google Pixel 7 owner, you're perfectly positioned to leverage this feature and enjoy the benefits of cable-free charging. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be hard to pick the best wireless charger for Pixel 7.

This guide aims to simplify your search by providing an in-depth overview of wireless charging for the Pixel 7, exploring factors to consider when choosing the right charger, presenting top recommendations, and evaluating whether wireless charging is truly worth the investment for this model. Join us as we go over the ins and outs of Pixel 7 wireless charging.

Overview of Wireless Charging for Pixel 7

Wireless charging on Pixel 7 means that you can simply place your device on a compatible charging pad or stand, and it will begin charging—no cables required. Here's an overview of its wireless charging capabilities:

  • Charging Standard: The Pixel 7 supports Qi wireless charging standard, which is widely adopted by various manufacturers. This means your Pixel 7 can work with a broad spectrum of Qi-certified charging accessories available in the market. You can choose a charger that not only meets your charging needs but also complements your personal style and the device's design.
  • Charging Speed: The Pixel 7 supports a maximum of 20W wireless charging with the Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen), enabling relatively fast charging speeds wirelessly. However, the actual charging speed may vary depending on factors such as the charger's capabilities and environmental conditions.
  • Wireless Charging Benefits:Wireless charging for Pixel 7 can your charging experience by eliminating the need for cables, reducing wear and tear on the device's charging port, and keeping your spaces tidy.
  • Reverse Wireless Charging: Additionally, the Pixel 7 also supports reverse wireless charging, allowing it to act as a wireless charging pad itself. You can use your Pixel 7 to wirelessly charge other Qi-compatible devices such as smartphones, earbuds, or smartwatches by placing them on the back of the Pixel 7.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wireless Charger for Pixel 7

When choosing a wireless charger for your Pixel 7, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure optimal charging performance and compatibility. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

1. Compatibility

The foremost consideration should be compatibility. The Google Pixel 7 supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which is the most common technology in wireless charging pads. Ensure that any charger you consider is Qi-certified to guarantee a seamless and efficient charging experience with your Pixel 7.

2. Charging Speed

Not all Qi chargers offer the same charging speed. The Pixel 7 supports fast wireless charging, but the actual speed can vary depending on the charger you use. For the quickest charging performance, the official Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) is recommended, as it is designed to recharge your Pixel 7 at the maximum rate of 20W. Alternatively, look for third-party Qi chargers capable of delivering at least 10W or more to your Pixel 7, to minimize charging times.

3. Design and Form Factor

Wireless chargers are available in several designs, including pads, stands, and multi-device chargers. Your choice should depend on how and where you plan to use the charger. Charging stands, for example, are excellent for desks or nightstands where you might want to view your screen while it charges. Pads might be preferable for users seeking a more compact solution. Additionally, consider the aesthetics of the charger to ensure it fits with your personal style and home decor.

4. Build Quality and Brand Reputation

The build quality of a wireless charger can significantly affect its durability and reliability. Opt for chargers made from high-quality materials and ensure they have a solid build to withstand regular use. Additionally, purchasing from a reputable brand often means better customer support and warranty options, providing peace of mind.

5. Safety Features

Ensure that the wireless charger has built-in safety features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and temperature control to prevent damage to your Pixel 7 and ensure safe charging.

6. Price

Wireless chargers can vary widely in price, and while it's tempting to opt for the cheapest option, it's important to balance cost with quality, features, and compatibility. Investing in a slightly more expensive charger from a reputable brand might offer better value in the long run through improved durability and functionality.

Top Wireless Charger for Pixel 7

In the quest for the best Google Pixel 7 wireless charging solution that combines efficiency, versatility, and safety, Anker 335 Wireless Charger (3-in-1 Station) emerges as a standout choice. 

{{ component: "product", handle: b2598"", sku: "B2598111"}}

Anker 335 Wireless Charger is one of the ultimate charging solutions for your Pixel 7. With its innovative 3-in-1 design, this charging station revolutionizes your charging experience. No more juggling multiple chargers – power up your Pixel 7, true wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch simultaneously, all in one sleek device.

You can adjust the charging surface to your preferred angle for optimal viewing while charging, whether it's 54° for videos or 60° for Facetime calls. Its foldable, travel-ready design ensures you stay powered up wherever you go. Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch Series 1-6, the Anker 335 Wireless Charger is the perfect companion for your tech-savvy lifestyle. 

Is Google Pixel 7 Wireless Charging Worth It?

Yes, Google Pixel 7 wireless charging is worth it because it offers convenience, flexibility, and ease of use. It eliminates the need for cables, allowing you to charge your device by simply placing it on a compatible wireless charging pad or stand.

Moreover, the Pixel 7 supports fast wireless charging up to 20W, ensuring quick and efficient charging without the hassle of plugging and unplugging cables.

Adopting wireless charging for your Pixel 7 is not just about adding another gadget to your collection; it's about embracing a lifestyle change that prioritizes ease of use and innovation.


Navigating through the vast options of wireless chargers can feel overwhelming. However, equipped with the right information, finding the best wireless charger for Pixel 7 becomes a seamless quest. From understanding the importance of compatibility and charging speed, to considering the unique value propositions of the top wireless chargers on the market, we have provided a comprehensive overview to inform your decision.

Ultimately, investing in a high-quality wireless charger for your Google Pixel 7 is not just about powering your device; it's about embracing the future of charging technology and enjoying the cable-free convenience it offers.


Q1. Do wireless chargers come with the necessary cables for the Pixel 7?

Yes, wireless chargers for the Pixel 7 typically come with the necessary cables to connect the charger to a power source. However, it's always a good idea to check the product description or box contents to ensure that a cable is included, as packaging contents can vary between manufacturers and specific models.

Q2. Can wireless chargers be used with cases on the Pixel 7?

Yes, most wireless chargers are designed to work with cases up to a certain thickness. Generally, cases that are not excessively thick or made of materials that interfere with wireless charging, like metal, should work fine. However, extremely thick cases or those with built-in metal plates for magnetic mounting might impede wireless charging performance.

Q3. How many watts is Pixel 7 wireless charging?

The Google Pixel 7 supports wireless charging at up to 20 watts when used with the compatible Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen). When using other Qi-certified chargers, the Pixel 7 supports wireless charging at a rate of up to 12 watts.

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