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Things You Need to Know About MFi Certified Apple Products

Things You Need to Know About MFi Certified Apple Products

What does Apple MFi certified mean exactly? And how do I know that the accessory that I am paying for is supported by your Apple device?

If you have these concerns in mind, then you’d be glad to know that the blog I prepared will provide you with the necessary information you need about the subject matter.


What is MFi Certification?

MFi certification essentially stands for “made for iPhone,” “made for iOS,” or “made for iPad.” An MFi certified item basically guarantees the accessories have been acknowledged by Apple and they are 100% supported by their devices, and it is safe for use.

How to recognize if it's MFi verified?

The certification commonly comes in a silver seal that you find either in the package or the item itself. But if you are unable to find any, then you have to take note that an accessory for iPhone or iPad that’s MFi approved has a physical characteristic that you have to take note of. And the most prominent one is the solid grey or metallic color of the lightning cable’s USB port. Counterfeit or Class A Imitations typically has a darker tone that isn’t consistent.

What do other brands gotta do to get MFi label?

The certification basically tells the consumer that the accessory that they’re shopping for was approved by the Apple brand. And that they no longer have to worry about compatibility issues when pairing them to your iOS device or safety concerns. The good news, however, is that MFi certification is not limited to Apple products. As long as third-party brands like Anker have conformed to the standard of Apple, they are authorized to sell accessories for their brand.

Anker USB C Charger 20W, featuring MFi certification for peace of mind, can charge your iPhone and iPad Pro with confidence.


Why is MFi Important for Apple Fans?

MFi certification matters a lot for Apple fans. It's like a quality guarantee for accessories, ensuring they work well with your Apple devices. Think of it as a mark of trust. Apple gear is known for its durability and reliability. Even older models can still work great if you take care of them.

Using uncertified accessories can be risky. They might damage your device because they don't regulate electric currents like MFi-certified ones do. MFi-verified accessories can keep your Apple stuff safer and working smoothly for longer.

Is Anker Apple Certified?

The gadget accessory doesn’t have to be an Apple product for the company to verify them as MFi certified. However, you have to take note that not all technology companies were given the opportunity to manufacture items for their Apple products.

Apple MFi certification assures Apple enthusiasts that Anker accessories have undergone rigorous inspection and regulation by Anker Innovation, guaranteeing safety and compatibility. Rest easy knowing that our accessories are free from potential damages or malfunctions, providing peace of mind with every use.

The good news is that they have tons of items that are MFi verified, such as the Anker USB-C to lightning cable and Anker 762 USB-C to Lightning Cable.  


I hope the blog prepared for today has shed light about MFi certified products and how they could potentially improve your experience as an avid Apple user. It’s no doubt that Apple products are luxury possessions, and their cost can be quite expensive and sometimes impractical. However, aside from their apparent aesthetics, they are reliable that will stand the test of time. And the best way to use them is by pairing them with MFi certified accessories for compatibility and safety issues.

FAQ About MFi Certified Apple Accessories

Below are the commonly asked questions about MFi certified Apple products—

Do iPhone Chargers Need to be MFi Certified?

It is recommended that Apple owners use MFi certified accessories to pair with their iPad, iMac, or iPhone. Although some counterfeit products would work with some brand models, they will not have the benefit of safety, and they may also experience compatibility issues since they are not accredited.

Is Apple MFi Certified As Good As Apple?

MFi certification is basically Apple’s standard for accessories that will be used on their devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, or iMac, just to name a few of them.

Are Apple MFi Chargers Safe?

Yes. The Apple MFi certification indicates that the accessory was inspected and regulated by the company and that they are safe to be used in their products. In addition, you are assured that there won’t be potential damages or malfunctions that would occur as a result of using their accessories.

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