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Surface Pro Charger Not Working: How to Fix It

Surface Pro Charger Not Working: How to Fix It

Facing issues with your Surface Pro charger not working can instantly throw a wrench on your productivity and connectivity. This guide explores the common culprits behind your charger's failure and provides straightforward solutions to get you back up and running.

We will also recommend some top-notch third-party chargers that offer reliability and compatibility with your Surface Pro, ensuring you're never left powerless.

5 Common Causes of Surface Pro Charger Not Working 

Below are some of the common reasons why the charger of Surface Pro may not work:

  1. Incompatible Charger: Using a charger that is not designed for your specific Surface model or a non-Microsoft charger can result in charging issues. Each Surface model has its unique power requirements, and utilizing the correct charger ensures that these are met for efficient charging.
  1. Damaged Power Connectors or Chargers: Damage to the charger or the power connectors can prevent your Surface from charging. This could stem from physical damage, wear and tear, or even manufacturing defects.
  1. Dirt or Debris in Charging Port: The accumulation of dirt, gunk, or debris in the Surface's charging port can obstruct the connection between the charger and the device, impeding the charging process.
  1. Faulty Wall Outlet: A malfunctioning wall outlet can be an overlooked cause of charging issues. If the outlet is not delivering power correctly, it can prevent the charger from functioning as intended.
  1. Software or Driver Issues: Outdated or corrupt software and drivers can lead to charging problems. They play a crucial role in managing power distribution and battery management on your Surface.

7 Ways to Fix the Surface Pro Charger Not Working? 

Here are some ways you can take to fix a Surface Pro charger that is not working:

  1. Use a Compatible Charger: Always make sure to use the charger that came with your Surface or a Microsoft-approved USB Type-C PD charger if your Surface supports it. Third-party chargers may not meet your device's power requirements, leading to charging issues.
  1. Clean Your Surface Charger and Port(s): Use a dry, clean, lint-free cloth to gently clean the charging connector and the Surface's charging port. Removing any dirt or debris can restore a good connection and allow charging to resume. 
  1. Run the Power Troubleshooter: Access the Windows Power troubleshooter via Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters. Running this tool can greatly help identify and resolve power-related issues on your Surface. 
  1. Reset Your Power Supply: Disconnect the charger from both your Surface and the wall outlet, wait for about 10-30 seconds, and reconnect it, making sure the connections are secure. Sometimes, reorienting the connector plug can help if the initial position doesn't work.
  1. Run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit: The Surface Diagnostic Toolkit is designed to identify and fix hardware and software issues on your Surface, including those related to charging. Download it from the Microsoft Store and run it as instructed.
  1. Disconnect Your Surface Dock: If using a Surface Dock, disconnect it and attempt charging directly from the wall outlet, especially if the Surface battery is completely drained. The Surface Dock might not efficiently charge a completely depleted battery. 
  1. Update Your Surface and Surface Drivers: Ensure your Surface's operating system and drivers are up to date. Updates often include bug fixes and big improvements for battery management and charging functionality. Download the latest updates and drivers either through Windows Update or directly from Microsoft's website.

3 Best Third-Party Laptop Chargers for Your Surface Pro 

Here are the top three third-party laptop chargers in the market for your Surface Pro:

Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) 

The Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) distinguishes itself as an exceptional third-party charger for Surface Pro users. Its advanced GaN technology enables it to charge up to three devices simultaneously, with two USB-C and one USB-A port.

Featuring PowerIQ 4.0, it adjusts power distribution for faster, more efficient charging, reducing time by up to 26 minutes. ActiveShield 2.0 technology further ensures device safety by monitoring temperature and adjusting power output. Its compatibility and efficiency make it a top choice for Surface Pro users seeking reliable, high-speed charging.

Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports) 

The Anker Prime 100W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports), featuring three ports, stands out as a top choice for Surface Pro users seeking fast and versatile charging solutions. Its GaN technology ensures efficient power delivery across two USB-C and one USB-A port, capable of simultaneously charging multiple devices. This ultra-compact charger, 43% smaller than traditional chargers, offers a blend of power and portability, making it ideal for those on the go. With a commitment to safety via its ActiveShield™ 2.0 system, it provides a secure charging experience for your devices.

Anker Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports)

The Anker Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports) stands out as an exceptional choice for Surface Pro users seeking versatility and efficiency. This ultra-compact charger, significantly smaller than standard alternatives, easily powers your Surface Pro along with two other devices simultaneously, thanks to its two USB-C and one USB-A ports. Capable of delivering up to 67W when charging a single device, and 65W across two ports, it ensures your gadgets are quickly and safely charged with ActiveShield™ 2.0 safety technology. Ideal for professionals on the move, its portability and performance make it a superior accessory for your charging needs. 


Dealing with a Surface Pro charger not working can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be a major obstacle. With the right approach to troubleshooting and the option to choose reliable third-party chargers, you can ensure your Surface Pro remains a powerhouse of efficiency. Always remember that optimizing your Surface Pro's performance requires a functioning charger. Don't let charger issues hold you back!

FAQ about Surface Pro Charger Not Working

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Surface Pro charger not working. 

Can I Charge My Surface Pro with USB?

No, you cannot charge a Surface Pro through a standard USB port, as it does not provide sufficient power. Microsoft Surface Pro models require a proprietary Microsoft Surface Connect charger or a USB-C charger for specific newer models.

Can a Surface Pro Be Overcharged? 

No, Surface Pro devices are designed to prevent overcharging. Once they reach full battery capacity, they automatically stop charging, mitigating the risk of battery damage due to overcharging.

Is It Safe to Charge Surface with USB-C? 

Yes, charging a Surface device with USB-C is generally safe, provided the charger is of good quality and complies with the required power specifications. It's always recommended to use official Microsoft chargers or well-regarded third-party chargers to ensure safety.

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