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Dealing with Drain: Why is My Phone Battery Dying So Fast

Dealing with Drain: Why is My Phone Battery Dying So Fast

Ever found yourself wondering why your phone's battery, once a symbol of unyielding energy, now resembles that of a tired athlete in the final mile, always racing towards zero? In this article, we will unveil the real energy-sucking culprits on "Why is my phone battery dying so fast". Not only will we reveal what's leeching your power throughout the day, but we'll also provide practical strategies on how to fix a fast-draining phone battery. Lastly, we'll delve into the vital know-how of maintaining your phone battery's health for a long-lasting, robust life cycle. Let's "charge" right in, shall we?

What is draining the phone battery?

Why is my phone battery draining so fast? The draining of a phone battery refers to the process by which the power stored in the battery is consumed over time. This could take place due to several reasons, such as:

  1. Screen Brightness

An important factor contributing to battery drainage is the screen's brightness level. Keeping your screen brightness at a high level constantly will quickly deplete your battery.

  1. Apps Running in the Background

Many apps consume power even when you're not actively using them. They do this by still running and updating in the background. Social media apps, mail syncing, location services and certain games are prime culprits.

  1. Location Services

Location services allow your device to know your location for different functions, such as GPS, weather apps, fitness trackers, etc. Constant use of these services can drain the battery quickly.

  1. Push Email Settings

If your phone is constantly checking for new emails, this could impact battery life. Changing settings to manual updates or fetch instead of push could save battery life.

  1. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Data

Keeping these services constantly working and searching for connections can use up a significant amount of power. Turning these off when not needed can conserve battery life.

  1. Outdated System Software

Older versions of software might not be optimized for battery life. Keeping your device updated can lead to better battery performance.

  1. Frequent Notifications

If your phone is constantly lighting up with new notifications, it's consuming power. Try to limit notifications to only important apps.

How to fix phone battery draining fast?

It's no secret that phone batteries don't last forever, but there are ways to improve their longevity. If you're tired of constantly charging your phone or running out of battery in the middle of important calls, read on for some tips on how to fix your phone battery from draining fast.

  1. Check Apps Consuming Battery Power
  • For Android:Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage
  • For iOS:Go to Settings > Battery

The services/applications that use battery power will be displayed. Check to see if any particular app or process is consuming your battery faster than normal.

  1. Turn Off Push Mail

If you have your email account(s) set to push, your phone will constantly sync to the server. This uses a lot of battery power. Instead, set your accounts to fetch manually or at certain intervals.

  1. Use Battery Saver Mode

Most smartphones come with a battery-saver or power-saving mode. Engage this setting to help extend battery life.

  1. Lower Screen Brightness

A bright screen uses a large amount of power. Consider lowering your screen's brightness or enabling auto-adjust depending on ambient light.

  1. Limit Background Data

Certain apps keep running in the background even when you are not actively using them, using up battery power. Limiting such background data can help save your phone's battery life.

  1. Turn Off Dynamic Wallpapers & Motion

Dynamic wallpaper and motion effects look good but they consume more battery power. Use static wallpaper and limit motion effects.

  1. Update Phone Software

Always keep your phone software up-to-date. Software updates often include bug fixes that might address software issues leading to battery drain.

  1. Limit Push Notifications

Each notification causes your screen to light up and consumes battery power. Try to limit your push notifications to only the most essential apps.

How to keep phone battery healthy

To make sure your phone is always there when you need it, you need to keep its battery healthy. There are a few tips to keep in mind.

Optimal charging practices

To ensure the health of your phone battery, it's essential to establish optimal charging practices. This involves not letting your battery drop below 20%, avoiding overnight charging, and unplugging the device once it reaches 100%. These practices will minimize stress on the battery and prolong its lifespan.

Keep the battery level between 20-80%

Maintaining your phone battery level between 20-80% ensures optimal battery health. This range keeps the battery in a comfortable state, reducing wear and adding longevity. Regularly charging your battery when it reaches around 20% and unplugging it at 80% is a practical habit to prevent overcharging and battery damage.

Disable unnecessary features

To extend your phone battery's life, disable unnecessary features that drain power. This includes turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi when not in use, lowering screen brightness, and closing unused apps running in the background. Disabling these features reduces energy consumption, thereby improving overall battery health.

Charge with compatible chargers

Using a compatible charger is crucial for maintaining your phone battery's health. A charger that's not compatible may provide too much or too little power, leading to damage or preventing the battery from charging entirely. Always charge your phone with a charger that's designed for your specific device to ensure the best results.

Looking for that "right" charger for your needs? Check these selections from Anker:

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In conclusion, answering the million-dollar question "Why is my phone battery dying so fast" and the quest for a fully charged life is within reach when you know the culprits of phone battery drainage and take the necessary steps to fix fast-draining issues. Not only can you extend the life of your device by keeping your phone battery healthy, but you may also find yourself liberated from power outlets and living your life to the fullest with boundless energy. Don't let the depleted battery symbol define you; take charge and embrace the electrifying freedom of a well-kept battery!


Here are some commonly asked queries on why is my phone battery dying so fast.

Why Is My Phone Battery Draining So Fast All of a Sudden?

The sudden drain in your phone's battery can be due to several reasons. It could be because of a recent software update that is consuming more power, or applications running in the background, high screen brightness, enabled push email settings, or possibly a faulty battery. Make sure to manage these settings to extend battery life, but if the problem persists, consult with a professional to check battery health.

Can a Virus Drain Phone Battery?

Yes, a virus can certainly drain a phone's battery. Malicious software can cause your phone to work overtime, running hidden processes that eat up your battery life. Viruses may also interfere with your phone's sleep mode or push through advertisements that can overwork your device. If you suspect a virus, use a reliable mobile antivirus application to remove it and consider professional help if the issue continues.

How Long Should an iPhone Battery Last in a Day?

An iPhone battery's lifespan within a day can differ based on the model and usage habits. On average, if you're using your iPhone moderately throughout the day (browsing, texting, calling, using apps), it should last around 10 to 17 hours. Newer models have better battery performance. However, heavy use, such as playing games, streaming video, or using GPS significantly reduces battery life. Always ensure to optimize settings to conserve battery life.

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