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How to Keep Warm During a Power Outage

How to Keep Warm During a Power Outage

As the colder months set in, power outages become more common due to accumulated ice and snow that fall onto power cables. Snowstorms and blizzards can also damage power lines causing extended power outages. Without power, it can be challenging to stay warm as most heating systems rely on electricity to function. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stay warm and cozy despite an outage.

If you are lacking ideas on how to stay warm during a power outage, we got you covered. In this post, we share with you tips on how to keep warm during a power outage, so you and your loved ones can stay comfortable until electricity is restored.

5 Tips for Staying Warm During Power Outages

Staying warm without electricity is possible with the right tips and tricks. Read on to learn 5 effective tips for staying warm during power outages.

Dress in Layers

Layering clothes is a cost-effective solution for staying warm during a power outage. When you wear multiple pieces of clothing, warm air is trapped between the layers of clothing, creating insulation. Besides insulation, layering clothes also allows you to have the flexibility to adapt to changing temperatures, as you can easily add or remove layers as you prefer or need.

When layering clothes, make sure to use a base layer made of moisture-wicking material to help you stay dry and comfortable. Next, add the second layer over your base layer. The second layer should provide insulation to retain body heat to protect you from the cold. Some excellent examples of second-layer clothing are fleece jackets and woolen sweaters. If you are going out, you may add a third or outer layer to protect you from outside elements like wind and air. A  windbreaker or waterproof jacket are great options to use as an outer layer.

Snuggle up With Blankets and Sleeping Bags

If you have blankets and sleeping bags at home, staying warm during a power outage can be easy for you.

Blankets keep you warm by trapping and insulating your body heat. When you're snuggled under a blanket, it creates a barrier that helps prevent heat loss and retains the warmth generated by your body.

Like blankets, sleeping bags also trap air to provide insulation for the body. When the trapped air inside the sleeping bag gets in contact with your skin's surface, the air warms up due to your body heat. This creates an invisible barrier of insulation that shields you from the colder air outside the sleeping bag.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Closing doors and windows can help keep your home warmer than you think. Simply keeping them closed helps create a sealed environment, preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping your living space. This helps maintain a warmer indoor environment and reduces heat loss.

Keep Moving to Stay Warm

We are not new to the knowledge that moving our body can help warm it up. When you move your body, your muscles contract, encouraging the breaking down of more nutrients. This  produces additional heat that can warm up the body even without a heater. Besides muscle contraction, moving your body also encourages increased blood circulation, which helps to build heat and distribute it more effectively.

Consider a Solar Generator

Did you know that solar power remains to be a powerful energy source even in places with below-freezing temperatures? Yes, you've read that right. This is because solar panels absorb energy from sunlight and not the heat from the sun. Hence, as long as sunlight hits the solar panel of a solar generator, it will continue to absorb solar power, which is converted to electricity.

Solar generators have become one of the must-have items for emergencies like power outages. They provide electricity to charge electronic devices and provide power from essential appliances like heaters.

At present, buying solar generators has become easier than before, thanks to various technological advancements. However, not all solar generators offer the same quality and performance. If you often experience power outages and are finally ready to invest in a solar generator, there is no reason why you shouldn't check out the Anker solar generator 767.

The Anker Solar Generator 767 is an extra durable solar generator that can last for more than ten years. It boasts of our long-lasting proprietary technology InfiniPower, combined with LiFePO4 batteries and ultra-durable electronic components. It is also equipped with a smart temperature control system which is capable of monitoring temperature up to 100 times per second, so you can feel at ease while using this device.

Furthermore, the Anker Solar Generator 767 has an impact-resistant structural design and IP67 waterproof feature to protect it from damage due to impact or water. You will also enjoy its 3-Mode Angle Adjustments, which allows you to adjust its five solar panels to 40°, 50°, or 60° for better sunlight exposure.

On top of those, the Anker Solar Generator 767 has a 2400W power rating that can power everyday home appliances like electric space heaters or fridges. It also has 12 ports to accommodate all your devices.We offer a 5-Year Full-Device Warranty as well to assure you of its quality and protect you from any expenses caused by manufacturer defects.

Keep Warm With a Solar Generator

There are various reasons why you should opt for a solar generator to stay warm during a power outage. Firstly, a solar generator is convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is install the solar panels accordingly and turn on the generator whenever you need electricity.

Secondly, a solar generator is a powerful device that can provide electricity for various devices. Depending on its capacity, a solar generator can provide enough electricity that can power an electric heating device and charge a battery-powered heating system. A solar generator with high power ratings may also operate HVAC systems.

Last but not least, a solar generator is safe to use as it doesn’t emit harmful fumes that are typically generated by gas-powered generators. A solar generator depends on renewable solar power and doesn’t require any fuel, which produces toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. Its dependence on free solar power also makes it cost-effective to run.


Power outages can be unpredictable. Hence it is essential to be prepared and have contingency plans in place to ensure your safety and comfort during such situations. During the cold months, make sure to have emergency supplies readily available, such as blankets, extra layers of clothing, and alternative heating sources like portable heaters.

Apart from staying warm, it is also essential to stay safe during power outages due to bad weather. Always tune in to news media platforms for weather forecasts and power outage updates. We also encourage you to establish a communication plan with your family or loved ones to stay connected during extended outages.

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