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Discover the Best Power Strip of 2024: Features to Look for & Top Models

Discover the Best Power Strip of 2024: Features to Look for & Top Models

A power strip is an indispensable tool to help us charge our electronics, providing multiple electrical outlets from a single wall socket. The best power strips today can not only accommodate all your devices but also come with advanced features for both convenience and safety.

If you are looking for the best power strip to enhance your setup's efficiency and safety, we're here to help. In this guide, we will discuss the crucial factors to consider when choosing an ideal power strip and recommend some of the top models available on the market. Read on to make an informed choice.

What Is a Power Strip?

A power strip is a block of electrical sockets that allows multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single electrical outlet. Typically equipped with a flexible cable and plug, power strips are commonly used where electrical appliance numbers exceed the available wall outlets.

Not only do they serve as an extension for your power needs, but many modern power strips also offer built-in surge protection. This feature is essential for safeguarding your valuable electronics against unexpected spikes in voltage that can occur during power surges or outages.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, power strips can be found in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, with differing numbers of outlets, cord lengths, and additional features like on/off switches and USB ports for charging mobile devices directly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Power Strip

There are several key factors to consider that will ensure you choose a power strip that not only meets your power requirements but also provides safety and longevity. Here are the crucial aspects to keep in mind:

  • Number of Outlets:Consider how many devices you plan to plug into the power strip. Ensure there are enough outlets to accommodate all your devices without overcrowding and consider future expansions as well.
  • Cord Length:The length of the power strip's cord is crucial, especially if your outlets are not conveniently located. A longer cord offers flexibility in where you place the power strip but be mindful of potential tripping hazards or the possibility of voltage drop with extremely long cords.
  • USB Ports: For added convenience, some power strips come equipped with USB ports. This is particularly useful for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices without needing their wall adapters.
  • Power Rating:The overall power rating of a power strip is crucial, especially if you plan to plug in high-power devices. Ensure the power strip can handle the total wattage of all connected devices without risk of overload.
  • Surge Protection:One of the most important features in a modern power strip is surge protection, which guards against voltage spikes that can damage electronic equipment. Look for a power strip with built-in surge protection and check the Joule rating—the higher the rating, the better the protection.
  • Safety Features:Features like overload protection, grounded indicators, built-in circuit breakers, and safety covers for unused outlets can enhance the safety of using a power strip. Also, check for certifications from recognized testing laboratories such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or ETL (Intertek Testing Services) to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Build Quality and Design:A robust build quality ensures that the power strip can withstand regular use and potential impacts. Additionally, the design of the power strip should suit your space and usage, with some models offering a flat plug to fit behind furniture or pivoting outlets to accommodate large adapters.
  • Warranty and Brand Reputation:A warranty can provide peace of mind, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in their product. It's also wise to consider the brand's reputation for quality and customer service when making your choice.

Best Power Strips Recommended

Here are three top-notch power strips from Anker, each offering unique features and robust protection for a variety of needs:

Anker 615 USB Power Strip (GaNPrime 65W)

The Anker 615 USB Power Strip (GaNPrime 65W) is a 5-port power strip equipped with 2 fast-charging USB-C ports, 2 AC outlets, and a USB-A port, making it ideal for simultaneously charging multiple devices. The 65W USB-C output delivers high-speed charging capable of powering a MacBook Pro 14" to 50% in just 37 minutes.

Designed for both space efficiency and travel readiness, this compact power strip occupies minimal desk space and is easy to carry on the go. Safety is prioritized with Anker's ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which intelligently monitors temperature for 3 million times daily, and the advanced GaN technology ensures the power strip is as safe as it is powerful. It comes with a 24-month warranty and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty.

Anker 521 Power Strip

The Anker 521 Power Strip can handle up to six devices with its 3 AC outlets and combined 3 USB ports (2 USB and 1 USB-C). The USB ports are conveniently located on the front for easy access, while the AC outlets are on the back to help keep desk clutter to a minimum.

The 30W USB-C port supports fast charging for phones and tablets. An 8-Point Safety system, including surge protection, ActiveShield temperature monitoring, and more, offers comprehensive safety features to give you peace of mind. This strip also features an 18-month warranty and a lifetime $25,000 connected equipment warranty.

Anker 524 Power Strip

Perfect for both home and travel, the Anker 524 Power Strip features a high-speed 30W USB-C port with Power Delivery to efficiently charge phones, tablets, and even laptops. It includes 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports (2 USB-A and 1 USB-C), capable of delivering power to six devices simultaneously.

Compact and portable, it fits easily on a nightstand or in a travel bag. Safety is enhanced with a 7-point system including a fire-retardant casing, internal safety shutters, grounded protection, and more. This model also comes with an 18-month warranty and a lifetime $25,000 connected equipment warranty.


Choosing the right power strip can make a significant difference in the efficiency and safety of your electronic setups. Throughout this guide, we've explored the essential factors to consider and provided recommendations for the best power strips available. By considering your specific needs—such as the number of outlets, cord length, and safety features—you can select a power strip that not only meets your requirements but also enhances your overall setup. Invest wisely to ensure that your devices are powered safely and effectively.


How many amps is good for a power strip?

A good power strip typically has a rating of 15 amps, which is sufficient for most household and office needs. This allows you to safely power several devices simultaneously without exceeding the capacity of standard 120-volt outlets. For heavier-duty applications or multiple high-power devices, consider a power strip rated for 20 amps to ensure adequate power supply and safety.

Is it safe to use all outlets on a power strip?

Yes, it is generally safe to use all the outlets on a power strip as long as the total electrical load does not exceed the strip's rated capacity. Always check the power requirements of your devices and the power strip's maximum load to ensure safety. Avoid plugging in high-energy appliances like heaters or large kitchen appliances to prevent overload and potential hazards.

How to tell if a power strip is overloaded?

Signs of overload include overheating, unusual buzzing or crackling noises, burning smells, flickering lights, or devices not functioning properly. To prevent overloading, ensure the combined wattage of all devices plugged into the power strip does not exceed its rated capacity (usually printed on the strip).

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