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How to Plan the Ultimate Tailgate Party with Portable Power

How to Plan the Ultimate Tailgate Party with Portable Power

Tailgating is an American tradition going back at least 150 years, one that is practically synonymous with outdoor parties.

There are many ways and reasons to tailgate—and not all of them have to do with sports. Whether the occasion is the Rose Bowl, a concert, seasonal festival, backyard BBQ, block party, or RV gathering, the most important element that unites them all is a sense of community. This camaraderie between friends, family, and perfect strangers is what makes tailgating timeless.


Photo Credit: Ben Queen–USA TODAY Sports
It is a ritual. A culture. An art form.

It could also use an upgrade. And that’s where portable power comes in…

Supercharging Your Tailgating Experience with Portable Power

A lot has changed in the world of tailgating since the days of horse wagons and buggies. The advent of portable power has opened up new possibilities, where you’re no longer limited in the devices and entertainment you can bring to the outdoors. In fact, we think this is the biggest game changer to hit tailgating since the invention of the automobile!

Portable power can now be the centerpiece of your entire tailgating experience. From your choice of grill, to the sound system, to the television – having direct access to power is a huge upgrade to the festivities. If you’re looking for modern ways to revamp your next tailgate party, then the following guide will help you plan the ultimate outdoor celebration.

The Problem with Gas Generators

Bringing power to an outdoor party isn’t exactly unheard of, but today’s tailgaters can certainly do better than the gas generators of yesteryear.

Their bulky design makes them difficult to transport, not to mention the irritating noise and unpleasant fumes they pump out are a total buzz kill. While their high wattage might seem like an advantage, it is likely excessive and impractical for most tailgating needs.

Therefore, when it comes to the right balance of power and usability, a portable power station is your MVP for the ultimate tailgating experience.

Our Top Picks for Portable Power


The Anker 555 PowerHouse is rugged, portable and powerful enough to meet the demands of most tailgaters. With a 1024Wh capacity, you can connect a TV, speakers, and lights and still be able to charge phones and personal devices through the game and way past overtime.
Need a step up in performance? If you’re hooking up an electric grill to cook some brats, then you’ll need the watts supplied by Anker 757 PowerHouse. Its 1229Wh capacity and 1500W total output make it a champ for high-powered appliances and more prolonged usage.

The Essential Checklist for a Powerful Tailgate Party

It’s up to you to decide what team colors to wear, which drinks to serve, and how to arrange your fight song playlist. But when it comes to throwing a tailgate party for the record books, here are the must-haves any pro should bring:

Food & Drinks

Don’t even think about letting your fellow fans go unfed! The necessity of any tailgate party, hot food and cold drinks should be well-stocked and ready to serve.

Grill Of Your Choice
Seriously, what’s an outdoor party without grilling?
Using charcoal or propane is the tried-and-true way of doing things—but not everyone wants to lug around a big, messy grill in their truck bed. If you’re looking for a changeup and want to incorporate portable power, then a hearty meal can be prepared on an electric grill like this or one of similar size (using the Anker 757). This makes for easier cleanup and transport, especially when you’re limited on space.

Prefer sticking to an open flame? For a more communal grilling experience that’s like gathering around the campfire, consider a setup like this one from Solo Stove. This way, the cookout experience becomes more interactive and focused on the most important aspect of tailgating: enjoying good company.

Slow Cooker
Nothing beats the savory satisfaction of a big bowl of chili or pulled pork on gameday—so find your parking spot early and plug in the Crockpot! Just be mindful of how many hours your portable power station will last, as slow cookers can pull a lot of current. One that’s around 6 to 8 quarts in size should still feed plenty of hungry mouths, while keeping you within reasonable power limits.

Powered Cooler
Opening a cooler and reaching your hand into a pool of lukewarm water can be almost as upsetting as finding it empty. Almost.

An old-fashioned ice cooler might be good enough for the little leagues… but let’s take it up a notch by utilizing the benefits of modern tech. A powered cooler will keep the drinks cold from pregaming through post-game celebrations. Plus, all the space you’ll save without ice leaves more room for the good stuff!

Creative Cocktails
Having access to power anywhere means your tailgating setup can easily become a full-service mobile bar. With all the AC outlets at your disposal, you’re sure to be the life of the party when you plug in a blender or slushie machine for a special treat on hot days. And if the festivities are as long-lasting as a PowerHouse, then you may need a coffee machine at the ready to keep team spirits high.

Big Screen TV

Thanks to portable power, you and your friends can catch the game on TV not just in a living room or sports bar, but in the parking lot, a backyard, or even a remote field.
Most televisions today are Energy Star certified, meaning you should be able to comfortably power big screens without worrying about burning up too many watts. The biggest consideration to make is how you will actually get the game to play on TV outdoors. There are a couple solutions:

Cable Signal
The first method is by capturing a quality cable signal wherever you need it, using either a satellite or antenna.
For the most comprehensive and reliable setup, a portable satellite like this one will allow you to watch a live broadcast anywhere. This option also includes the receiver, so all you need to do is pay for cable service one month at a time only when you need it.

A less expensive option is to go with an antenna like this one ­or even a low-cost choice like this, which can allow you to pick up channels without a cable subscription. Bear in mind though, your reception quality may vary depending on signal interference and proximity to broadcast towers.

Streaming Service
The second method is by utilizing a streaming service to air the game, such as ESPN Watch, YouTube TV, or Fox Sports Go. These services can be easily deployed if you’re using a Smart TV, or through an external device like a Roku Streaming Stick.
In order to stream the game, you will of course need access to Wi-Fi, which may be hard to find outdoors. You could potentially use your cell phone to set up a mobile hotspot; however, for a stronger signal no matter where you are, a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot will ensure the game comes in clear and uninterrupted.

Smart Projector

A big screen TV will no doubt be the center of attention, but if you want to turn even more heads, then a projector and screen make for a creative combo to showcase the game.
Nebula projectors offer the same streaming possibilities as a television, but in a much more compact and travel-ready form factor. A popular choice for RVers, you could even forgo the screen and instead project the game onto the side of your trailer. The only thing missing is a popcorn machine (which of course is possible with portable power)!

Portable Speaker

Another staple of any outdoor party, lively music can really set the tone and energy of the celebration. Depending on how extreme you want to pump up the jams, there are several options for supplying the entertainment.

For moderate volume levels and ultra-portability, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker from Soundcore offers huge sound and is fully waterproof in case of a rainout.

Cranking up the volume to stadium levels, a PA speaker system like this one will provide earth-shaking tunes that can be heard across an entire field. When going this route, make sure that your speaker is active rather than passive; this makes for an easier setup where an additional amp or receiver isn’t required.


Hooking up some outdoor lights to your portable power station is a great way to separate your tailgating setup from the crowd. Besides adding some nice ambience and a welcoming atmosphere, choosing lights of a particular color can also be a good opportunity to show your team spirit.

Solar Panels

You’re already out in the sun, so take advantage of it and supply your portable power station with endless, renewable solar energy.
Solar panels like the Anker 625 can be easily set up and moved around to harness the sun’s rays, providing a direct recharge to the Anker PowerHouse, completely free of the power grid. To maximize your recharge, you can chain up to two solar panels together to the Anker 555, or up to three panels to the Anker 757.

Show Us How YOU Tailgate

These are our ideas for throwing an unforgettable tailgate party. But we’d love to see yours!

How is portable power the centerpiece of your tailgating? Have you built a record-breaking setup that is truly in another league? Show us your supercharged tailgating by posting a photo of your portable powered party and tag #AnkerPowerHouse!

And for an incredible opportunity to win an Anker PowerHouse 555 and a Solo Stove Ranger grilling setup, enter our Supercharge Your Tailgate Giveaway for your chance to score big this tailgating season!


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