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What Size Solar Battery Charger Do You Need for Boat?

What Size Solar Battery Charger Do You Need for Boat?

Having a reliable solar battery charger for your boat can make a huge difference when it comes to powering all of your boat electronics. Whether you're out sailing, fishing, or just cruising the lake, having an efficient and easy-to-use solar charger is essential. But how do you know which size solar battery charger is right for your needs? In this complete guide, we'll break down the different types of chargers available so you can make an informed decision on which charger is best for your boat. We'll also discuss the necessary items you'll need to complete your boat life!

Types Of Solar Battery Chargers That Can Be Used On Boat

Since there are many types in the market, the effects of different battery chargers and applicable boats are very different. So it is imperative to choose the right one according to your needs. The following are the three safest batteries at present, you can choose according to your needs:

Trickle Charging

Trickle charging is the most common type of solar battery charger for boats. This type of charger is generally used for low-power electric boats that are not frequently used because of the slow charging and low power. It's perfect for temporarily recharging your boat's battery while the boat is parked, and it can be used in both sunny and cloudy conditions. The main advantage of trickle charging is that it does not require any additional equipment or wiring, as it simply plugs into the boat's existing electrical system.

Light-Use Charging

This type of charger are usually small and light to be carried around the boat. They are perfect for charging your electronic devices like phones, tablets, cameras, and more.

Heavy Power-Use Charging

High-power charging is suitable for ships that are often used or require high power, such as luxury yachts equipped with TVs and coffee machines. This type of charger produces higher current levels than light chargers, allowing you to quickly recharge your boat's batteries after heavy use or long periods of non-use. However, this type of charger requires additional equipment and on-board wiring to work properly. But now, most people use solar generators, which can not only support high-power output, but also have no noise and are easy to operate.

What You Need For a Solar Battery Charger For Boat?

After understanding each battery type, we also need to prepare the necessities of a solar battery charger to help the boat's charging task go smoothly:

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most important part of a solar battery charging system. They convert solar energy into electricity, which is then stored in your battery. The energy conversion efficiency of solar panels will determine the charging speed and charging effect. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose high-quality solar panels. The Anker 625 Solar Panel boasts an impressive high conversion rate of 23% of sunlight into solar energy, ensuring your solar generators receive a consistent charge even on overcast days. This lightweight and portable solar panel features not only a USB-C output port but also a USB-A output port, allowing simultaneous charging of two devices. From smartphones and cameras to camping lights and more, the Anker 625 Solar Panel is a versatile and convenient solution to keep your gadgets fully charged while on the go.

Power Station

Solar power stations store energy generated by panels, ensuring efficient electricity output when required. This impacts the charging capacity at any given moment. A prime choice for boating enthusiasts, the Anker 767 Powerhouse is a powerhouse generator. The portable power station boasts an impressive 2048Wh capacity and 2400W AC output, effortlessly powering a range of appliances. For increased power, simply add an expansion battery to double its capacity to 4096Wh. Remarkably versatile, this station also features built-in wheels, functioning like a compact trolley for unencumbered transportation.


You will need wiring to connect the solar panel, charge controller and battery pack. Choose wiring that is suitable for outdoor use and can handle the amount of electricity you plan to generate. If you need extremely high power output, then choose a thicker wire. When buying, you also need to pay attention to buying high-quality products that are corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant.

Charge Controller

Finally, you may need a charge controller, which regulates the amount of power going into the battery and prevents the battery from overcharging. It is important to choose components that are compatible with each other and with your boat's electrical system.

Benefits Of Solar Battery Charger For Boats

What are the benefits of having a solar battery charger on board? Is it really worth our investment? Read on to get the answer:

Uses Sun's Energy

Solar battery chargers use solar energy to charge your boat's batteries. This means you will have reliable and free renewable energy. It also means you don't have to rely on fuel to charge your battery, saving you money in the long run.

Silent And Fuel-Free

The solar battery charger is completely silent and does not produce any greenhouse gases. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chargers that rely on gasoline or other fossil fuels. This creates a healthier environment for you and your passengers. Any of your activities will not be disturbed, just enjoy the quiet water scenery.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, solar battery chargers require little maintenance. Since there are no moving parts, there is less chance of failure. Solar panels are also much easier to clean and maintain than traditional battery chargers. All you need is a soft cloth and lightly wipe the surface of the board.

Increased Comfort On Board

By installing a solar battery charger, you can extend your boating experience while using lights, radio, fans, and more. Because the energy comes from the sun, it ensures you're always at or close to a full charge. At the same time, there will be no complicated wires piled up on the boat to trouble you. You can even hook up a projector and watch movies comfortably on the lake.


You now have a good understanding of how to choose the size solar battery charger for your Boat. With the power and efficiency of the sun, you can have an optimal adventure. With the right size, you will have enough power to get you where you need to go and have all the amenities that come with it. You can also save money by cutting down on fuel cost since the sunshine is free. Plus, if you choose the right product, you can get in extra backup power should anything happen with your boat’s main system. Lastly, don’t forget about safety first when using a solar charger for your boat and always check the product label for warnings before use.

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