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Top 5 Picks: The Best Power Bank for iPhone Users 2024

Top 5 Picks: The Best Power Bank for iPhone Users 2024

Never let your iPhone meet its 'low battery' last breath when on the go; having a reliable power bank is a must! It's become as necessary as the iPhone itself, ensuring continuous use of your device. With an ocean of options in the market, finding the perfect fit can be tiresomely confusing. Fret not! In this article, we'll explore the significance of acquiring a reliable power bank, dive into the top 5 best power banks for iPhone series currently ruling the market and provide you with the crucial points to check out when selecting one for your needs. Let's get started!

Importance of Having a Good Power Bank for Your iPhone

A good power bank is an essential accessory for any iPhone user. The first reason is to ensure that your device stays charged and functional throughout the day. With smartphones being a crucial part of our daily lives, running out of battery can hinder productivity, cause inconvenience, and even result in missed important calls or messages. A quality power bank ensures reliable performance and quick charging times, allowing you to go about your day with confidence and without the worry of losing battery power.

Another significant aspect of owning a good power bank is the protection it offers to your iPhone. Cheap or unreliable power banks can potentially damage your device's battery, reduce its lifespan, or even cause safety hazards like overheating. High-quality power banks, on the other hand, offer advanced features such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, which ensures that your iPhone's internal components are not at risk. This investment not only guarantees a seamless user experience but also extends the overall life and value of your iPhone.

5 Best Power Banks for iPhone

A reliable power bank is a must-have accessory to keep your iPhone powered up on the go. Here are the top 5 power banks that are perfect companions for your iPhone, offering long-lasting battery life, efficient charging, and user-friendly features. Let's dive in and find the ideal power solution for your device!

1. Best High-Capacity Power Bank for iPhone

Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K)

The Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K) features two-way Power Delivery 3.1 tech, providing a swift 140W charge. With a 24,000mAh battery, it offers double the battery lifespan, powering an iPhone 13 up to 5 times or a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9" about 1.3 times. Plus, the intuitive digital display shows the output, input power, and estimated recharge time for the power bank.

2. Best Power Bank That's Also a 65W Charger

Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W)

Featuring both a competent 65W wall charger and a 10,000mAh portable charger, Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W) promises dynamic outcomes. Designed to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously with its 2 USB-C and one USB-A port, it is powered by Anker's cutting-edge GaN-powered charging system: GaNPrime and ActiveShield 2.0 for superior efficiency and smart heat management. Moreover, its broad compatibility ensures smooth performance with various devices.

3.Best Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with Foldable Stand

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery

Anker 633 Magnetic Battery is a versatile 2-in-1 charger with a foldable stand for convenient phone viewing. This compact, 10,000mAh power station can charge an iPhone 13 Pro 1.8 times, offering high-speed charging through its 20W USB-C Power Delivery port. The strong magnets ensure a secure wireless connection while charging your phone quickly!

4. Best Budget Magnetic Power Bank for iPhone

Anker 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

Discover the newest innovation of power on the go with Anker 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo). Developed using MiniCell technology, its compact design effortlessly slips into pockets or bags. Thanks to ultra-strong magnets on this battery, users can snap it onto iPhone 12 or 13 models with relative ease and without the worry of disconnection issues due to wireless charging misalignment when they are taking single-handed selfies or making calls.

5. Best Massive Power Bank for All

Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)

The Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh) is your ultimate power source for emergencies. With a tremendous 60,000mAh capacity, it can recharge an iPhone 14 ten times and MacBook Air almost thrice or energize a 3W LED lamp for over 42 hours. The power bank is equipped with 60W and 27W USB-C ports, making it available for concurrent phone and laptop charging, which is perfect for swift power boosts outdoors. Its retractable light and SOS button provide critical illumination in emergencies or blackouts. What's more? This power bank offers sustainable charging via solar panels, a perfect companion for traveling sustainably.

What to Consider When Choosing a Power Bank for Your iPhone?

When choosing the best portable power bank for iPhone, there are several factors that you need to consider to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

  1. Capacity: A power bank's capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). You should choose one that has enough capacity to charge your iPhone fully more than once.
  2. Number of Ports: How many devices do you need to charge at the same time? If it's more than one, you'll need a power bank with multiple output ports.
  3. Portability: Are you planning to carry the power bank around daily? If so, you might prefer a smaller and lighter model, even if it means a bit less capacity.
  4. Input Current: This determines how fast the power bank itself can be charged. The higher the input current, the less time it will take to charge the power bank.
  5. Warranty: Check for the warranty details of the power bank. A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer's confidence in the product's durability and longevity.
  6. Certification: Ensure the power bank is certified. For Apple devices, look for MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certification which means it is specifically designed to work with these devices.


In conclusion, captivating your power-hungry iPhone with a superior power bank is not just a sideline, but a game-changer. Why settle for less when you can power up with the best power bank for iPhone? You've wandered the complex spectrum of power bank choices and now understand what to examine when choosing one. So, don't just live on the edge of your battery life, triumph over it! Be power-smart and invest in a premier power bank, because your iPhone deserves only the best!


20000mah or 10000mah Power Bank? Which Is Better?

The choice between a 20000mAh and a 10000mAh power bank largely depends on individual needs. A 20000mAh power bank has a larger capacity and can recharge your devices more times than a 10000mAh power bank. However, higher capacity usually comes with a larger size and weight, which might not be ideal for portability. If you frequently need to charge multiple devices or you spend a lot of time away from a power source, the 20000mAh could be more beneficial. On the other hand, the 10000mAh power bank may be better if you value compactness and travel light.

Is It Safe to Use a Wireless Power Bank for iPhone?

Yes, it is generally safe to use a wireless power bank for an iPhone, provided it adheres to the required safety standards and regulations. iPhone has incorporated Qi wireless charging since iPhone 8 and thus, any Qi-certified power bank is safe for use. However, it's always recommended that you use reliable and trusted brands like Anker for your devices to avoid any potential risks related to overheating or power surges.

How Many Times Can You Charge an iPhone with a Power Bank?

The amount of full charges a power bank can provide to an iPhone depends on both the capacity of the power bank and the specific model of iPhone, as different models have different battery capacities. For illustration, an iPhone 12 Pro has a battery capacity of roughly 2815mAh. A 10000mAh power bank could fully recharge such an iPhone approximately 3 times, while a 20000mAh power bank could theoretically do so around 6 times. Note that these are ideal estimations. The actual figures may be slightly less due to energy loss during the charging process.

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