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Unveiling the power: How Many mAh Is Apple Magsafe Battery Pack?

Unveiling the power: How Many mAh Is Apple Magsafe Battery Pack?

Staying powered throughout the day is a necessity for most of us. Among the myriad of options to keep our devices juiced up on the go, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack has garnered significant attention with its ability to magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone, eliminating the hassle of cables completely. But how many mAh is the Apple MagSafe battery pack, and subsequently, how many times can it recharge your iPhone?

In this guide, we'll delve into the specifics of mAh in battery packs, explore the capacity of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, and introduce the best alternatives available, ensuring you're well-informed to make the right choice for your charging needs. Let's dive in!

What Is mAh in Battery Packs?

Before we delve into the capacity of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, it's crucial to first understand the basic concept of milliampere-hour (mAh). At its core, the mAh rating quantifies the amount of energy a battery pack can hold, thereby determining how long it can power a device on a single charge. For example, a battery pack with a 1000 mAh capacity can deliver 1000 milliamps of power for one hour, or 500 milliamps for two hours. Simply put, the higher the mAh rating, the longer your device stays powered.

How Many mAh Does the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Have?

The official Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, specifically designed to extend the usage time of MagSafe-enabled iPhone models, has a capacity of 1460 mAh. In practical terms, this translates to up to 70% additional charge for iPhone mini models, such as the iPhone 12 mini. For standard and Pro models, you can expect up to 60% more battery life. Meanwhile, Plus and Pro Max models can only enjoy a boost of up to 40%.

Despite its optimized efficiency and integration with iPhones, this capacity of the official Apple MagSafe Battery Pack becomes modest when compared with many third-party alternatives. MagSafe battery packs from third-party manufacturers offer a variety of higher-capacity options, ranging from 5000 mAh to 6600 mAh and even up to 10,000 mAh, allowing you to choose a battery pack that best fits your needs and usage patterns.

Best Alternatives to the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

In the search for the ideal alternative to the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, Anker presents compelling options, offering substantial battery capacities along with a range of innovative features.

Anker MagGo Power Bank (10K)

The Anker MagGo Power Bank (10K), boasting a substantial 10,000mAh capacity, stands out as a powerful alternative, capable of providing 1.8 full charges for an iPhone 15 Pro. It supports the 15W MagSafe wireless charging, taking your iPhone 15 from 0 to 50% in just 44 minutes.

Beyond its charging capabilities, this compact power bank also features a built-in stand for hands-free viewing, and a smart display to track the battery percentages and full recharge times. Plus, with Anker's ActiveShield for around-the-clock temperature monitoring, it's designed for both convenience and safety.

Anker MagGo Power Bank (6.6K) 

For users prioritizing portability and lightness without severely compromising on battery capacity, the Anker MagGo Power Bank (6.6K) with a 6,600mAh capacity offers a balanced solution. It can fully charge your iPhone 15 once, ensuring your device stays powered through daily tasks or short trips. Like its larger counterpart, it promises fast 15W MagSafe charging, snapping to the back of your iPhone 15 Pro automatically and charging it from 0 to 50% in just 45 minutes.

This compact model doubles as a wireless charging stand with adjustable angles, ranging anywhere from 30° to 65° to enhance your video calls and content viewing experience. Moreover, trust in the safety of your devices with Anker's ActiveShield system, which conducts 3 million temperature checks per day to ensure your power bank and phone are always protected from overheating.

Anker 334 MagGo Battery (PowerCore 10K)

The Anker 334 MagGo Battery (Powercore 10K) matches the 10K model in capacity, providing up to 22 hours of extended video playtime for your iPhone 14, perfect for long days or travel. It offers 7.5W wireless charging with a strong 10N magnetic force for a secure attachment.

Designed for convenience, its compact size, measuring only 4.2 × 2.7 × 0.72 inches, allows for easy integration into your daily carry, ensuring you're never without power. Additionally, maximize your time with the ability to charge your iPhone while the power bank itself is recharging.

Each of these Anker MagGo models offers a unique blend of power, portability, and practical features, making them excellent alternatives to the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. Whether you prioritize capacity, speed, or convenience, Anker's range has something to meet your charging needs, ensuring your iPhone remains powered up throughout your day.


When choosing the right wireless battery packs, knowing exactly "How many mAh is Apple MagSafe Battery Pack" allows you to make informed decisions based on your usage patterns and requirements. As we explored, alternatives like the Anker MagGo power banks offer significantly higher capacities, enhanced functionalities, and different price points to suit various needs and preferences. Armed with the knowledge of mAh and the specifics of each product, selecting the perfect battery pack for your iPhone has never been easier. Stay charged, stay connected, and never let your device's battery life limit your productivity or connectivity again.


How long does Apple MagSafe battery pack last?

The lifespan of the Apple MagSafe battery pack varies based on the iPhone model it's attached to and the device's usage patterns. Generally, it can provide up to an additional 70% charge for iPhone mini models, about 60% for standard and Pro models, and roughly 40% for Plus and Pro Max models.

How do I know my Apple MagSafe capacity?

The capacity of the Apple MagSafe battery pack is officially listed as approximately 1460mAh. This information can be found in the product specifications. Additionally, you can monitor the battery status of your MagSafe Battery Pack a by checking the Batteries widget in Today View or on the Home Screen.

Can you leave the MagSafe Battery Pack on all the time?

Yes, you can leave the MagSafe Battery Pack attached to your iPhone at all times. It's designed to be safe and efficient for continuous use. However, for optimal battery health, it's advisable to monitor the charging process and disconnect when full.

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