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ANKER INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (“Anker”) offers a limited Connected Equipment Warranty (“CEW”) for all Anker Power Strips and Outlet Extenders. The product shall be purchased originally from Anker and free of defects in design, assembly, material, or workmanship. Anker reserves the right to update, amend, and/or revise the terms of this CEW.


  • All Power Strips and Outlet Extenders


  • Each Occurrence: USD 200,000 max


  • The Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) is valid only for the original purchaser of the Anker power strips and outlet extenders.

  • The connected equipment must be Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed.

  • The connected equipment must be properly connected through an Anker power strip/outlet extender to a properly wired and grounded electrical outlet.

  • The connected equipment must be an AC-connected device.

  • The Anker power strip/outlet extender must be directly and properly plugged into a grounded electrical outlet without any extension cords or adapters.

  • The electrical outlet must be installed in compliance with all applicable electrical and safety regulations, including but not limited to the National Electrical Code (“NEC”) and/or Canadian Electrical (CE) Code and any local codes.

  • The Anker power strip/outlet extender designed for the application must have protected wires leading into the damaged equipment. The presence of a competitor brand on the circuit will void coverage.

  • The Anker power strip/outlet extender must be installed and used in accordance with Anker's installation instructions and user manuals.

  • Any claim under this CEW must be made within 15 days of the date of damage to the equipment.

  • The CEW covers only standard indoor equipment in dry areas. Do not use the Anker power strip/outlet extender in any way with a generator, heater, sump pump, water-related device, life support device, medical device, car, motorcycle, or golf-cart battery charger.


  • Damage to electronic equipment resulting from a transient voltage surge on unprotected wires or lines.

  • Restoration of lost data and/or reinstallation of software.

  • Damage caused by acts of God, war, vandalism, theft, normal use wear-and-tear, depletion, obsolescence, abnormal care or uses, abuse, or negligence.

  • Damage caused by modification or alteration to the Anker power strip/outlet extender or the connected equipment.

  • Damage caused by accidents, fires, or natural disasters such as floods, erosion, earthquakes, wind, or direct lightning.

  • Damage caused by lack of grounding.

  • Damage caused by low-voltage disturbance (e.g., brownouts or sags).

  • The repair or replacement of the damaged equipment is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty or seller’s extended warranty.

  • Anker determines that the connected equipment was not used under normal operating conditions or in accordance with any manufacturer’s instructions for the connected device.

Anker shall in no way be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential damages arising from the use of the Anker power strip/outlet extender. Anker shall not be held liable for losses due to loss of software, cost of substitute equipment, facilities, or services, loss of profits, loss of revenue, or claims of third parties, including customers and insurance companies. 


  • If all the conditions to qualify for coverage are satisfied, call the Anker customer service department at 800-988-7973 or email within 15 days of the occurrence to obtain a prepaid shipping label and a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for the return of the Anker power strip/outlet extender. Please be prepared with your order number, product serial number, receipt, photographs of the damaged Anker power strip/outlet extender and damaged electronic equipment, and any other relevant documentation ready when contacting the Anker customer service department.

  • Mark the RMA number on the damaged Anker power strip/outlet extender and return it to Anker along with a copy of your sales/purchase receipt for the Anker power strip/outlet extender.

  • Print the prepaid shipping label, affix the label on the front of the return package, and simply drop the return package off at the nearest USPS location or schedule a pickup by visiting the USPS website within 20 days of receiving the shipping label.

  • Anker reserves the right to review the damaged Anker power strip/outlet extender, the damaged equipment, and the site where the damage occurred. All costs of shipping the Anker power strip/outlet extender and the damaged equipment to Anker for inspection shall be borne solely by the purchaser. Anker reserves the right to negotiate the cost of repairs.

  • If you are authorized by Anker to have the damaged equipment repaired, the repair must be performed at a service center authorized by the equipment’s manufacturer, Anker reserves the right to contact the service center directly to discuss damage and repair costs. Anker may, at its discretion, issue payment to you in reimbursement for the fair market value of the connected equipment damaged. If you receive reimbursement for the fair market value, Anker reserves the right to require you to transfer the title and deliver the damaged equipment to Anker.


This CEW becomes effective immediately and supersedes and cancels all previous CEWs.

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