Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station 768Wh | 1200W
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Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station 768Wh | 1200W
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Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station 768Wh | 1200W

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  • 768Wh and High-Performing 1200W Rated Power No Energy Limits with 1600W SurgePad Tech
  • Built-In Storage Keeps Gear Safe and Organized
  • 6× Longer-Lasting LFP Batteries with 3,000 Cycles
  • HyperFast™ Recharging to 100% in 58 Mins
  • 10 Ports Connect Multiple Devices
  • 300W Max Solar Input
  • Remote App Control

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Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station 768Wh | 1200W
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Anker SOLIX C800 Solar Generator + 100W Solar Panel
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Anker SOLIX C800 Solar Generator + 200W Solar Panel
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Introducing Anker SOLIX C800

768Wh | 1200W

Power up outdoor activities with Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station. With 768Wh capacity and 1200W output, charge speakers, a guitar, and a cooler for non-stop entertainment.

1600W Surgepad
Never face power
limitations with 1600W
SurgePad technology.
of them at once.
Long-Lasting Portable Power Station
This power station lasts 6 times longer with LiFePO4 batteries, a unibody drop-proof build, industrial-grade components, advanced circuitry, and superior cooling.
Built-In Storage for Gear
Never lose your equipment with built-in storage that always keeps it secure and organized.
100% HyperFlash™ AC Recharging in 58 Mins
Plug into an 1100W AC outlet and activate UltraFast mode for a full recharge in 58 minutes. That's 17% faster than other power stations with similar capacity.

What's in the Box

  • Anker SOLIX C800 ×1

  • AC charging cable ×1

  • Car charging cable ×1

  • Solar charging cable ×1

  • User manual ×1

Discover Your Ideal PowerHouse


Q1: What types of items can fit in the built-in storage space for Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station?

With dimensions of 186×149×45 mm, you can store charging cables, power banks, action cameras, and similar-sized gear.

Q2: How do I charge Anker SOLIX C800 with solar power?

Anker SOLIX C800 is compatible with most solar panels, but we recommend using Anker SOLIX panels for best compatibility.
To charge, just plug your panel into the DC port behind the portable power station. Use the included adapter and charging cables.

Q3: Can Anker SOLIX C800 be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?

Yes, with 20ms of switchover time, the power station can serve as a UPS during power outages to keep essential devices functioning.

Q4: How do I activate SurgePad on Anker SOLIX C800?

SurgePad activates when total output exceeds rate output. It works best with heat-generating devices. SurgePad does not support precision instruments and other devices with voltage protection or a strict voltage requirement.

Q5: Can the USB-C ports charge the power station (input only), or are they output only?

The USB-C ports are output only.


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Tez Apple
Good product

Love the design, recharge is fast

stable operation

I bought it and used it for a few days. The main body is more compact than I expected, and although it is heavy, I don't feel that much weight, probably because the handle is easy to hold. For the 700Wh class, the rated output is 1,200W in the high output category, and it seems that most home appliances will work. It was a home appliance that consumed a lot of electricity, and the hair dryer and electric kettle had a power of about 1,200W, but they worked stably. In the case of high output, the cooling fan rotates, but it's not an annoying sound that makes you feel loud, so it's acceptable. There was only an Anker USB output, and the USB PD device was charged without any problems. Charging does not require an AC adapter; simply stick the AC cable directly into it, which is convenient. And charging is fast. It is convenient that the output ○○W, battery level, power supply time, and time until charging is completed are displayed in real time. Although the product is generally highly electronically controlled, a sense of stability can be felt in operation. Portable power supplies that have been used until now have a lot of self-discharge, and even if you try to use them due to a sudden power outage, etc., you couldn't use them because they didn't have enough charge. This product seems to be designed to reduce self-discharge, so I'm hoping it can be used even in a sudden power outage. It's a product that has just been released, and I don't have a picture of the back side of the product before I bought it, I didn't search the internet, and I wanted to know it, so I'm attaching a photo of the back side of the product.

Ron Dean
Another bank to add to my ANKER collection!

I just purchased the F2000 with the 400W solar panel and love it.Now I purchased the 800+ with 200W solar charger.
Mind you there are huge difference between the 200 vs the 400 solar panels ( including the weight), but I can combine and or keep them charged in an emergency and use them separately.This smaller one is perfect for camping. Easy to take along, even the 200W solar panels (built in handles). The lights that are included are really impressive. Stored in the top of the unit.Third one being purchased?
Quite possibly.
Nice to have different sizes and capacities, depending on where you need them and for what purpose.
Well done again, ANKER!

Martha F. Evans
Small but mighty

This little power station has become my camper van's best friend, and mine. It has a nice array of different types of input ports, and can be charged using any AC outlet (including my car's), using the cigarette lighter port, or by solar (which is what I do). I have used it to power a small k-cup type coffeemaker, a flat-iron, hairdryer, and to charge my laptop and usb devices. It is essential for road trips and camping. It was also a very great value in my opinion (with an Amazon coupon). Customer service has been outstanding. I became frustrated trying to answer a basic question online, so simply emailed customer service. I had a very courteous and helpful response within an hour. Great value, great product, great service.

Exactly what I had hoped for! C800 Plus

Unit comes very well packaged. Includes ac charge cord, 12v dc to xt60 charge cable, and 2x xt60 to xt60 solar charge cable. Manual with qr code for warranty also included.
Arrived charged at 88%, downloaded the app while waiting, and after an initial charge to 100% I plugged it in for my first test.Ran a 53 qt BougeRV cooler in eco mode set at 28 degrees for 24 hrs. (House is kept at 71.)
Additionally ran both flashlights in candle mode on max brightness for 2 hrs until flashlights showed 3/4 charge lights remaining. Their warm light is perfect. Placed those back in their storage/charge spots to recharge.Between cooler and recharging the lights the c800 still showed 59% remaining battery. Better than I had hoped. Should be very workable for off grid camping.
I then took it outside to a very overcast Michigan day (March 20th 3pm) and plugged in a single Elecaenta 120w solar panel. Immediately had 60 watts of charging. Not ideal conditions for charging but can at least confirm the panel works with the c800 pluss.Plugged in a Sangean HD digital table top radio to AC outlet. Very slight noise when on aux mode with nothing playing but no noticeable noise when playing music. No interference on FM or AM.
Plugged in a hair dryer to test AC inverter capacity and AC usage data. On high cool unit showed dryer pulling 220 watts. On high warm unit showed 1220 watts and stayed running. On high hot unit showed 1642 watts and ran for about 10 seconds before unit shut off. This was the only time I heard the C800 cooling fans. Unit turned back on with press of button and showed an overload warning on screen. Fans quickly shut off or went below audible level. Unit continued to work without issue while under 1600 watts.
Will update as I have more time to use this great looking device.

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