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Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery - 1056Wh LFP | For SOLIX C1000

Tech Specs

BP1000 Expansion Battery



Battery Type:

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

Battery Lifecycle:

3,000 cycles to 80%+ Capacity


5-Year Warranty


Works with Anker SOLIX C1000,C1000X

Discharging Temperature:

-4°F - 104°F

Charging Temperature:

32°F - 104°F

Length × Width × Height:

14.8×8.07×10.5 in
32.3×19.5×19.9 cm

Net Weight:

19.97 lb / 9.06 kg


Q1: How do I use a solar charger to charge Anker SOLIX C1000?

- Use an 11-60V solar charger with an XT-60 connector.
- For 11-32V, the supported current is 10A max.
- For 32-60V, the supported current is 20A max.
- For best compatibility, use these Anker solar panel series: 625, 531, or PS400.

Q2: How should I store and maintain the power station?

- Turn off all outputs when not in use to avoid battery power loss.
- Store in a dry and cool area.
- Check battery capacity each week. If the battery level is below 30%, charge to 100%. Fully charge once every 3 months.

Q3: How do I use the Anker app?

- Connect to a network before using the app for the first time.
- After connecting to a network, connect the power station to off-grid devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Q4: Can I recharge Anker SOLIX C1000 using AC and DC input simultaneously?

This is not possible. AC input is prioritized if both AC and DC inputs are connected. When AC recharging ends, Anker SOLIX C1000 switches to DC recharging automatically.

Q5: How many UL certifications has Anker SOLIX C1000 received from SGS?

Four. Anker SOLIX C1000 is certified by SGS in accordance with UL 1012, UL 1778, UL 1973, and UL 60730.

Q6: How do I activate SurgePad™ on Anker SOLIX C1000?

SurgePad™ activates when total output exceeds rate output. Heat-generating devices work best. SurgePad™ does not support precision instruments and other devices with voltage protection or a strict voltage requirement.


Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Cédric Torres Leclerc
Extremely useful on movie sets

I have only been using it for a few days, but so far it has proved to be an invaluable addition to my personal logistics kit on movie sets.
We're currently shooting in and around an old institutional building in Montreal where half the outlets don't work anymore, and having the flexibility of a full 15 amps // 1800W of power wherever we are without the need to lay 100 feet of extension cords or more is truly wonderful.
Within the fast pace of movie production and the constant changing of angles of view for the camera, the time savings are truly great, and the battery can handle monitors with ease, and the occasional touch-ups of the hair department without any problem (thinking about 1700W hair driers, mostly).
The silent operation is also a blessing compared to generators when used outdoors, and they can also be used together to optimize for duration vs noise when we are filming with sound.
The fact that it can also easily be recharged to 100% over lunch break is also amazing.
The only additional thing I could wish for would be that it be waterproof or weather resistant, but I suppose it might take a few more years for the product category to reach this level for consumer grade products.

Roman Goncharuk
Works great

My first power station.

Samuel Loubier Demers

Best powerstation for the price.


That power station looks and feels right! It feels solid and well built and feels like it will last a long time. The reviews I read mention it’s made of high quality components and I believe it and this is why I bought it.

The app works well on Bluetooth and wifi. The interface is simple and clear. I love it. It can charge at 1300w but when I can I charge it at 200w to preserve the batteries. It can be adjusted in the app.

So far I used it for my 12v fridge and after 50 hours in hot weather in the car it was at 20%. I checked it many times and it barely gets slightly warm at most. Compared to my Ecoflow mini it’s a big difference as it always gets burning hot. It’s probably because the Anker is lifepo and also because the inverter is 1800w and the fridge is only 45w.

Manjit Pakkar
Amazing product but the worst customer service

The power station is very well built with all of the inputs and outputs you will ever need. The power station is very compact and performs exceptionally. The app is extremely useful and very easy to use. The only downside to this experience was customer service. I contacted customer service on 3 occasions and every time I was told that they would get back to me. Several months later I still haven't heard back from them. I realized that the capacity of this unit was not sufficient enough for me and wanted to get a higher capacity model or the add on battery pack. I hate to leave a bad review because I am a big fan of Anker products. The customer service left me never wanting to buy another Anker product ever again.

Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery - 1056Wh LFP | For SOLIX C1000
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