Samsung Galaxy S5 7500mAh Extended Battery and Cover Combo
Samsung Galaxy S5 7500mAh Extended Battery and Cover Combo
Ultimate Power and Protection for Your Galaxy S5
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7500mAh Extended Battery and Cover Combo

Ultimate power and protection for your Galaxy S5.

Triple Your Battery Life

Use your phone almost three times longer. That's up to 56 hours of 3G talktime, 27 hours of internet or 32 hours of HD movie viewing!

Protect Your S5

The durable TPU cover protects your phone's corners, sides and back, all while adding only half an inch of thickness (including battery).

Total Efficiency

Unlike external power sources, this built-in battery is totally power efficient, giving your phone 100% of the stored energy to use.

Superior Quality

With premium cells, IC chips to prevent short circuiting and rigorous inspection tests, there's simply no better quality extended battery.


  • Capacity :7500mAh
Manual & Drivers
How can I conserve my mobile phone's battery?
Here are a few tips to help conserve power on your mobile phone:
a. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use.
b. Enable the automatic brightness control setting.
c. Reduce the display backlight time to the shortest setting.
d. Shut down any applications that are not in use.
e. Switch vibration off.
f. Disable unnecessary notifications.
g. Avoid animated wallpapers and widgets.
What should I do if my phone does not recognize the battery?
Please verify that your phone model is compatible with this battery by referring to the retail product listing. If it is compatible and you continue to experience problems, please contact our customer team at
What should I do if the battery fails to charge?
Possible actions:
a. The battery lifespan is about 500 charge circles. If the battery has already been charged this many times, please replace it with a new Anker battery.
b. Verify that the metal pins on your charger connect properly to the battery.
c. Check the metal pins for rust. If rusty, try rubbing them with alcohol.
d. Verify that your charger is working properly and does not need to be replaced.
e. If none of the above actions resolve the problem, please contact our customer service team at
Is the battery compatible with the charger of my cellphone?
Yes, as long as the Anker battery you purchased corresponds with your cellphone model, the battery will be fully compatible with your original charger. However, we cannot gurrantee that the Anker battery will be compatible with non-OEM chargers.
The battery's label says the voltage should not exceed 4.4V (or 4.2V/4.35V). Can I use my original (OEM) power adapter with a rating of 5V to charge?
Yes, you can. Cellphones can detect the voltage of their original power adapters and adjust to the appropriate voltage acutomatically.
The battery's label says the voltage should not exceed 4.4V (or 4.2V/4.35V). What if the voltage of my non-OEM charger does not correspond with that of the battery?
4.2V/4.35V and 4.4V are the most common voltage options for cell phone batteries and chargers. We recommend that you use a charger that matches the voltage requirements of the battery.

If not, you may experience one of the following issues:

a. When the charger is rated at 4.2V/4.35V and the battery at 4.4V, the charger will show the battery is fully charged even when it is not.
b. When the charger is rated at 4.4V and the battery at 4.2V/4.35V, the phone will not show a 100% charge even if the battery is fully charged.
What can I do if I lose the provided cover or the cover is faulty?
Please contact us via email at for help.
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