SoundSync Drive

The Handsfree Car Bluetooth Receiver
  • High-Quality Sound
  • Simplified Single-Button Use
  • Universal Compatibility
    Color: Black

    SoundSync Drive

    The Handsfree Car Bluetooth Receiver

    Travel and Talk

    Use the SoundSync Drive to make your car Bluetooth compatible, a complete handsfree solution. Play music from your phone, make and receive calls and more!

    Superb Sound and Voice

    Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for a high-quality wireless connection. Able to transmit sound and data quickly and reliably with no compromise on sound quality.

    Simple Operation

    Three buttons take care of all possible functions. Play and pause music, answer and hang-up the phone, skip forwards or backwards, even activate Siri and other voice control functions.

    Noise Suppression

    Unclear and noisy handsfree calls are a thing of the past. SoundSync Drive's smart technology makes sure it's just your voice that can be heard and not the sound of the road or vocal echoes.

    Small and Sleek

    SoundSync's unobtrusive size allows for convenient placement anywhere on your dashboard using its adhesive backing. The contemporary and minimalist design perfectly complements your car's interior.


    - Need plug USB cable to turn on for some cars older than 2012. - After engine ignition, older stereos may require the USB cable to be unplugged and reinserted.



    What is the operational range of SoundSync?
    The operational range is 10m / 33ft. This can be affected by WiFi and other obstructions such as walls, pillars, body. So during use it is recommended to keep the distance between SoundBuds Lite and your device as short as possible.
    What should I do if SoundSync disconnect from my device?
    Try turning Soundbuds Life off and on. If this doesn't solve the issue, then re-pair with your device again.
    How can I fast forwards / backwards?
    Long press (1s+) Volume + button to track forwards. Long press (1s+) Volume - button to track backwards.
    Is it possible to pair 2 SoundSync with one device at the same time?
    You can pair 2 bluetooth headphones with iOS devies(iPhone, iPod, iPad) on iOS 8 and above, but can NOT pair 2 bluetooth headphones with Android devices.


    • Size: 45X45X10mm /1.8X1.8X0.4in
    • Weight: 26g/0.9oz
    • Range: 10m/33ft
    • Input: 5V/0.3A

    Documents & Drivers

    • Manual