SlimShell for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s

The Slim Protective Case
Color: Black

SlimShell for iPhone 6s

A slim, lightweight protective case, specially created for the new iPhone 6s.

Engineered for iPhone 6s

This isn't just an old iPhone 6 case, rebranded for the 6s. This is an ALL NEW design, and one of the very first cases to be custom built for Apple's latest flagship smartphone.

Slim & Light

True to its name, the Anker SlimShell is very slim, and very light too. What's more, for a case of this size, we've achieved the highest level of protection possible.

Impact Protection

Upon impact, SlimShell's durable TPU exterior provides excellent first-level protection, while anti-stretch TPE inside momentarily expands to further protect your iPhone.

Exquisitely Designed

We make our cases using only premium materials and high-precision lasers, preserving everything you love about your iPhone 6s.


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