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10W Wireless Charger

A 10W wireless charger offers fast and reliable wireless charging for a wide variety of devices like smartphones, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and so on. Featuring compact designs, these chargers power up iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Apple Watches, AirPods, and so on without cables, providing a tangle-free alternative to traditional wired charging while maintaining charging performance and safety levels.

More about 10W Wireless Charger

For consumers who are looking to upgrade their charging solutions and want to get rid of unsightly cables, Anker 10W wireless chargers are the right way to go. With sleek designs and swift speed, they are nothing short of exceptional. For one thing, they boast a high-efficiency chipset, powering up your phone, wireless earbuds, or smartwatch at 10W max efficiency, and ensuring all your devices power up quickly and efficiently.

Plus, it's case-friendly, effortlessly charging through protective cases up to 5mm thick, simplifying your charging experience without any fuss. Moreover, equipped with the MultiProtect safety system, it can detect foreign objects, protect against short circuits, and regulate temperatures, enabling you total peace of mind during use. For another thing, our 10W wireless charging stations can also come with multiple charging surfaces to charge your iPhone, Airpod, and Apple Watch simultaneously, eliminating the clutter of many individual chargers, and simplifying your daily routine. Moreover, its foldable, travel-friendly build ensures it can fit seamlessly into any bag, letting you stay charged effortlessly on the go.

In short, Anker’s 10W wireless chargers are the epitome of speed, reliability, and design, making them ideal choices for any scenario. So, if you're seeking an upgraded charging experience for your electronic devices, don’t miss out on Anker. Order Anker 10W wireless chargers and embrace charging excellence today! Furthermore, we also have fast wall chargers. Never forget to check out our 240W USB C chargers and more models!

FAQ about 10W Wireless Charger

Is 10W fast for a wireless charger?

Yes, a 10W wireless charger like the Anker 335 Wireless Charger (3-in-1 Station) is considered a reasonably fast wireless charger for most smartphones. Such a wattage is sufficient for charging smartphones, earbuds, and other small devices at a decent pace.

How long does a 10W wireless charger take to charge a phone?

Generally speaking, a regular 10W wireless charging pad can fully charge a smartphone in 1-2 hours depending on factors like the specific charger, the battery capacity of the smartphone being charged, and so on.

Is a 10W wireless charger OK for iPhone 15?

Yes, a 10W wireless charger is perfectly OK for the iPhone 15, especially if it is a quality charger like the Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Stand). The iPhone 15 supports the Qi wireless charging standard, and a quality 10W wireless charger is enough to deliver impressive charging speeds.

Can I use a 10W charger for a 15W phone?

Yes, you can use a 10W charger with a 15W phone. However, charging a 15W phone using a 10W charger will result in a slower speed than if you use a 15W charger, lengthening the time it takes to reach a full charge.

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