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240W Charger

A 240W charger revolutionizes your charging experience. Endowed with an exceptional 240-watt output capacity, it sets a new standard for powering your devices. From laptops to smartphones, 240W chargers accelerate charging speeds to the very limit, eliminating sluggish charging sessions and ensuring you're back to full power in no time.



More about 240W Charger

Anker 240W charger USB C models deliver a staggering 240W of supercharged charging capabilities that are bound to leave you in awe. Powered by Anker’s intelligent GaNPrime system, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously with one USB-C port offering an impressive 140W output and three other ports sharing a generous 100W.

But that's not all; it's a dual laptop fast-charging wonder, simultaneously fueling two laptops with ease - 140W through USB-C 1 and 100W via USB-C 2. In other words, given the sheer wattage our charger can deliver, you are allowed to charge multiple devices at no diminution in charging speed for each device. Moreover, the importance of safety can never be overstressed, which is why our chargers are equipped with the ActiveShield™ 2.0 technology which ensures real-time temperature monitoring, conducting three million checks daily to guarantee the utmost peace of mind.

Lastly, our chargers come with a compact design and detachable base to ensure your workspace remains clutter-free, demonstrating that the Anker 240W charger is not just powerful but also the epitome of design and sophistication.

In short, it's time to elevate your charging game with Anker’s remarkable 240W chargers.

FAQ about 240W Charger

How fast is the 240W charger?

A 240W charger is exceptionally fast in comparison to lower-wattage chargers. It can charge devices like laptops, gaming consoles, and power-hungry gadgets much more quickly, significantly reducing the time needed for a full charge. For example, the Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger (4 Ports) can power up a MacBook Pro 16" (M2 Pro) to 50% in less than half an hour.

Is 240W charging safe?

240W charging can be safe if it's implemented correctly. The safety of high-wattage charging depends on the device's design and the quality of chargers used. Many modern electronics, like laptops and smartphones, support high-wattage charging for faster replenishment of battery life. Additionally, to ensure safety, use certified chargers like the Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger equipped with the ActiveShield 2.0 technology, and follow manufacturer recommendations to prevent overheating or damage.

What phone has 240W charging?

Most current smartphones do not support charging at 240W. However, there are indeed a few that do. A recent example of a smartphone supporting 240W charging is the Realme GT Neo 5. Released in February 2023, this phone has a 4,600mAh battery and is reported to be able to achieve a full charge in less than 10 minutes using a 240W charger.

What is the voltage of the 240W charger?

The voltage of a 240W laptop charger or phone charger can vary depending on the specific charger's design and intended use. Generally, the accepted input voltage of a 240W charger can range from 100V to 240V, while the output voltage can be anywhere below 30V per port.

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