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30W USB-C Power Adapters aim to provide quick charging and convenient power delivery for various devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring they stay powered up and ready to go. Anker's 30W USB-C power adapters boast several impressive features for versatile and efficient charging solutions.

30W USB-C Power Adapters FAQs

Should I buy 20W or 30W charger iPhone?

This depends. Both 20W and 30W chargers can provide fast charging for your iPhone. However, if you prioritize faster charging speed, the 30W charger is a better choice as it can deliver more power and charge your iPhone more quickly. Otherwise, 20W chargers are also great and affordable options for iPhone charging. What matters is to choose certified and quality chargers.

Does iPhone 13 support 30 watt charger?

Yes, the iPhone 13 is compatible with a 30W charger. With its fast-charging capabilities, using a 30W charger can significantly reduce the charging time of your iPhone 13. For example, Anker 711 Charger (Nano II 30W) can charge your iPhone 13 series up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger.

Is 30W charge faster than 20W?

Yes, a 30W charger is generally faster than a 20W charger. The higher wattage allows for greater power output, resulting in faster charging times for compatible devices. However, the actual charging speed also depends on the device's capabilities and the charging protocol it supports. So please ensure that your device is compatible with the higher wattage charger to fully benefit from the faster charging speed.

Will I fry my 20W phone by plugging it into a 30W charger?

No, you will not fry your 20W phone by plugging it into a 30W charger. Most iPhone or Android chargers will deliver only the power that your phone requires, so it will safely charge your phone without causing any damage. The higher wattage rating of the charger simply means it has the capability to deliver more power if needed, but it will adapt to the power requirements of your phone.

More About 30W USB C Power Adapter

First, our portable adapters, powered by GaN II technology, come with an ultra-compact design, taking up minimal space while providing optimal power output. So you can never worry about the hassle of multiple chargers anymore but embrace the versatility and simplicity of a single adapter.

Furthermore, the fast charging capabilities ensure that your devices are powered up quickly and efficiently, maximizing your productivity and convenience. More importantly, you can also experience excellent services for any of our 30W USB C power adapters, enjoying the convenience of fast and free shipping, a worry-free 18-month warranty, and dedicated lifetime customer support, ensuring that you receive the best adapter promptly and rest easy with any further support or assistance.

Whether you're a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who values convenience, our 30W Type C chargers are an excellent choice to charge your MacBook Air, iPhone 13 series, Samsung phones, etc at high speeds. So choose Anker for reliable, high-quality power adapters and exceptional service that puts your satisfaction first. Charge with confidence and stay connected with Anker's 30W USB-C power adapters.

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