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5000mAh power banks offer a compact and reliable solution for charging your devices on the move, providing ample backup power to keep your smartphone or other gadgets charged and operational when you're away from traditional power sources.



More About 5000mAh Power Bank

Anker is showcasing a cutting-edge collection of 5000 mAh power banks as the best on-the-go charging solution. With an innovative 2-in-1 design, our 5000mAh power banks can function as both power banks and wall chargers, making them truly versatile gadgets.

Moreover, being PowerIQ 3.0-enabled, our 5000mAh power banks provide the swiftest possible charging speed, allowing you to charge an iPhone 13 Pro in a short span of 1.3 hours. But our 5000mAh power banks have way more advantages. For example, the long-lasting battery of our 5000mAh power banks can retain up to 90% of their original capacity even after 500 days of consecutive daily use.

Furthermore, featuring wide compatibility, our 5000mAh power banks work with a whole range of devices, including iPhone 11/12/13, AirPods, Huawei, Samsung and many more. In short, our 5000mAh power banks are worthwhile investments as mobile charging solutions. Buy Anker 5000mAh power banks and upgrade your charging game now!

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How long will a 5000mAh power bank last?

This depends on the battery capacity of the device as well as the charging frequency. Generally speaking, a 5000mAh power bank can last approximately 1-2 full smartphone charges. This means if you fully charge your smartphone once a day using a 5000mAh power bank, the power bank can last about 1 or 2 days on average.

How many times can a 5000mAh power bank charge?

This depends on what device the 5000mAh power bank is charging as well as the battery capacity of the device. Typically, a 5000mAh power bank can fully charge a smartphone of regular capacity once or twice, or a tablet roughly once.

What is the difference between 5000mAh and 20000mAh?

The difference mainly lies in these aspects:

Capacity: A 5000mAh power bank can provide around 1-2 smartphone charges, while a 20000mAh power bank can offer approximately 4-8 smartphone charges, given ideal conditions.

Appearance: A 20000mAh power bank is physically bulkier due to the need to store more electricity.

Recharge time: A 20000mAh power bank takes longer to recharge itself due to the larger battery capacity.

Price: 5000mAh power banks are usually cheaper than 20000mAh power banks since they have lower capacity. For example, the Anker 511 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion 5K), a high-performance 5000mAh power bank that can charge an iPhone 13 Pro in 1.3 hours, costs only $29.99.

What is the largest power bank allowed on flights?

The maximum capacity of power banks allowed on flights can vary from airline to airline and region to region. As a rule of thumb, most airlines allow power banks of up to 100 watt-hours or 27,000mAh in carry-on luggage.

Can a 5000mAh power bank charge a tablet or iPad?

Yes, a 5000mAh power bank can charge a tablet or iPad. However, note that the number of full charges will be limited due to the larger battery capacity of tablets. Also, if your iPad utilizes lightning ports, a USB-C to Lightning cable may be needed to efficiently charge it.

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