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iPhone adapters can provide enhanced connectivity and compatibility, allowing users to extend the functionality of their iPhones by connecting to various devices and accessories. Anker offers the ultimate choice for iPhone users seeking top-notch connectivity and stunning visual experiences.



More About Adapters for iPhone

With support for resolutions up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@144Hz, Anker USB adapters for iOS ensure your screen mirroring or extension is flawlessly clear and captivating. Additionally, these iPhone adapters are as easy as plug and play - simply connect them to your iPhone's USB-C port, and you're ready to go connect to a wide array of TVs, monitors, and projectors, no complicated installations required, making them the perfect companion for any multimedia endeavor.

Plus, our adapters are HDCP-compliant, enabling you to enjoy encrypted content like movies and TV shows without any restrictions. Whether you're presenting content, watching your favorite shows, or working on creative projects, our USB adapters for iPhone elevate your iPhone experience to new heights.

Embrace the power of Anker USB adapters for iOS products, and unleash the full potential of your iPhone and more USB-C devices with unrivaled connectivity and superior visuals.


What adapter should I use for iPhone?

The right adapter for your iPhone mainly depends on your specific purpose and compatibility with your iPhone model. For example, you can choose Anker 518 USB-C Adapter (8K HDMI) if you want to mirror your iPhones with USB-C ports to a variety of TVs, monitors, or projectors for stunning visual experiences. While for older iPhones with Lightning ports connecting with TVs, you may need a Lightning to HDMI or DisplayPort adapter.

Can I use a non Apple adapter for iPhone?

Yes, you can generally use a non-Apple adapter for your iPhone, but please choose reputable adapters that are compatible with your specific iPhone model and support the necessary features you require to ensure optimal performance and safety. Using uncertified adapters may void your iPhone's warranty or lead to potential issues with charging, data transfer, or device functionality.

Do all iPhones use the same adapter?

No, not all iPhones use the same adapter. The adapter type can vary depending on the iPhone model. Older iPhones use a traditional Lightning connector, while newer models may use USB-C or Lightning connectors. Please check your specific iPhone model to determine the appropriate adapter needed for charging and connectivity.

What is a Type C adapter for iPhone?

This depends. For iPhones without Type C ports, a Type C adapter is an accessory allowing for seamless data transfer, charging, and compatibility with USB Type C devices. On the other hand, for iPhones with Type C ports, Type C iPhone adapters like the Anker 518 USB-C adapter enable connections to displays and monitors for stunning visuals and enhanced viewing experiences.

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