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Braided USB-C Cable

A braided USB C cable is a USB-C cable featuring a flexible outer covering made from braided fabric or nylon. Its robust design reduces tangling, fraying, and wear, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for connecting USB-C devices like smartphones and laptops.



More About Braided USB-C Cable

Anker is offering the most advanced collection of braided USB-C cables to upgrade your workspace and provide more streamlined connection solutions. Our braided USB-Cables feature a Double-Braided Nylon covering, which is even more durable and resistant to wear and tear than single-braided ones. The effect of such a design is 12 times more longevity than other braided cables even when experiencing thousands upon thousands of bends during daily use.

Moreover, our braided cables deliver impressively fast Sync & Charge. In concrete terms, they support fast charging up to 15W (3A/5V) and data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps. Furthermore, the universal compatibility of our braided cables means they can work with phones, laptops, docking stations USB-C for Dell and other brands, and even Nintendo Switches as seamlessly as you can imagine.

In short, despite being merely cables, Anker’s braided USB-C cables are no less powerful and perfect than other Anker products like Qi wireless chargers or USB hubs. Get Anker’s braided USB cables and head for an improved tech life now!

Braided USB-C Cable FAQs

What is a braided USB-C cable?

A braided USB-C cable is a type of cable that features an outer covering made from braided fabric or nylon. This design enhances the cable's strength, making it resistant to tangling, fraying, and general wear and tear. Equipped with USB Type-C connectors on one end or both, this cable enables connections for various devices like smartphones, laptops, and peripherals for the purpose of charging and data transfer.

Are braided phone cables better?

Yes, braided phone cables are generally considered better than standard rubber or plastic-coated cables for the following reasons:

Durability: The braided fabric or nylon covering adds extra strength and flexibility to the cable, making it more resistant to bending, twisting, and fraying, ensuring a longer lifespan. As an example, the Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A Cable tests out to last 12× longer than regular cables.

Tangle-resistant: The braided design reduces tangling, making it easier to handle and store the cable without knots and kinks.

Aesthetics: The woven texture of braided cables gives them a more premium and stylish appearance compared to regular cables.

Do braided USB-C cables last longer than regular cables?

Yes, braided USB-C cables generally last longer than regular cables. This is because the braided fabric or nylon covering provides better protection against wear and tear, reducing the risk of fraying, bending, and breakage. However, not all braid cables are created equal, and it is still important to choose quality braided cables from reputable brands like Anker to ensure the longest possible lifespan.

Are braided cables more suitable for heavy-duty use?

The answer is a straight yes. braided cables are generally more suitable for heavy-duty use compared to regular rubber or plastic-coated cables. Braided cables are constructed with a woven outer layer made of durable materials like nylon or polyester. So they generally last longer than regular cables, making them well-suited for heavy use even in demanding environments, such as frequent travel, outdoor activities, or professional settings.

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