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Charging Cord for MacBook Air

A charging cord for MacBook Air enables convenient recharging of the MacBook Air’s battery. It offers flexibility to power up from various sources, such as wall outlets and MacBook portable chargers, ensuring uninterrupted productivity for the user of MacBook Air.



More About Charging Cord for MacBook Air

Boasting a distinguished array of Apple MacBook Air charging cords, Anker transforms the charging industry again. Supporting up to 140W power delivery and the latest USB PD 3.1 technology, our MacBook Air charger cords make high-speed charging a breeze for MacBooks.

Moreover, the 480Mbps max data transfer speed is a real blessing for those who need to transfer large files often. But the excellence of our MacBook Air charging cables is not limited to these. In fact, our cables are super durable too, being able to withstand up to 175 lbs and nearly 35000 bends.

Furthermore, we offer charging cables MacBook Air of different lengths to cater to different needs and preferences, and a length of up to 6 ft gives you ample range of motion.

In short, our MacBook Air charging cords are valuable additions to any MacBook Air user. Come experience enhanced charging efficiency with Anker MacBook Air charger cables today!

Charging Cord for MacBook Air FAQs

What cords can charge a MacBook Air?

There are primarily two types of charger cable for MacBook Air:

USB-C cable: This is the standard charging cable for newer MacBook Air models. It has a USB-C connector on both ends and can be used to connect the MacBook Air to a compatible USB-C power adapter or a desktop charging station.

MagSafe cable: This is the charging cable used in older MacBook Air models before the transition to USB-C. It has a magnetic connector that attaches to the laptop, providing power to it.

Can you charge MacBook Air through USB-C?

Yes, you can charge a MacBook Air through its USB-C port. As a matter of fact, USB-C is the standard charging and data transfer port on newer MacBook Air models like MacBook Air (2018), MacBook Air (2019), MacBook Air (2020), and so on.

How can I tell if a USB-C cable supports high-speed charging for my MacBook Air?

To determine if a USB-C Apple MacBook Air charger cord supports high-speed charging, you can check the following specifications:

Compatibility with your MacBook Air model: Ensure the cable is compatible with your specific MacBook Air model, as older models might have different charging requirements.

Maximum wattage supported: Look for cables that support higher wattages, such as 60W or higher, as these are indicative of fast charging capabilities.

Compatibility with USB PD: USB PD technology allows for faster and more efficient charging. Ensure the cable explicitly mentions support for USB PD.

Can third-party MacBook Air charging cables be trusted?

Yes, most third-party MacBook Air charging cables from reputable brands like Anker can be trusted. This is because these cables typically have excellent build quality and support high-speed charging well. For example, the Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable (140W Nylon) can withstand up to 35000 bends while supporting 140W max power delivery. However, always avoid unbranded low-quality cables which may pose safety risks.

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