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Desktop Power Strip

A desktop power strip is an electrical accessory designed to expand the number of available outlets for connecting devices on a desk or workspace. It typically includes multiple outlets and necessary protection mechanisms, allowing you to manage cables and charge various devices in an organized manner.



More About Desktop Power Strip

Anker is currently showcasing a stellar range of cutting-edge desktop power strips as the ultimate workspace addition. Featuring up to 6 ports (USB-A, USB-C, AC, etc.) in total, our desktop power strips power up a variety of devices simultaneously.

Moreover, thanks to the GaN technology, our desktop power strips deliver a maximum output of up to 140W, which is enough to fully charge a MacBook Pro 16" in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. But Anker’s desktop power strips are packed with more features.

As for safety, our power strips are endowed with a 7-point safety system (over-voltage protection, over-current protection, grounded protection, etc.), effectively protecting your devices as well as guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Furthermore, our desktop power strips are compatible with well over 1000 devices, making them extremely versatile energy solutions. In short, Anker’s desktop power strips are the epitome of convenience, efficiency, and safety.

Come shop Anker’s desktop power strips and embrace extended powering now! Also, don’t miss out on our other premium products like Android HDMI adapters and MagSafe charger stands too!

Desktop Power Strip FAQs

Why would I need a desktop power strip?

A desktop power strip is essential for expanding power outlets and charging capabilities on your desk. It allows you to conveniently plug in and power multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, monitors, and peripherals simultaneously, reducing clutter and making your workspace more organized and efficient.

What features should I look for in a desktop power strip?

The following features are worth considering when looking for a desktop power strip:

Number of Outlets: Make sure the power strip has enough outlets to accommodate your current devices and any potential additions.

Protection Features: Look for a power strip with built-in protection features, including over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, fire resistance, and so on.

Charging Speed: Opt for a power strip with a high charging speed. A good example of this is the Anker Prime 6-in-1 Charging Station (140W), which can deliver 140W high-speed charging via a single port.

Is it safe to leave a desktop power strip plugged in all the time?

Yes, it’s generally safe to leave a desktop power strip plugged in all the time if the power strip is of good quality and is equipped with all the necessary safety systems. For example, you’ll generally have few problems using the Anker Prime 6-in-1 charging station given its comprehensive 7-point safety problem.

Are there fire safety concerns with using power strips?

Yes, there are fire safety concerns with using power strips if they are overloaded or used improperly. Overloading a power strip with too many devices can cause overheating and potentially lead to a fire hazard. So it's essential to choose high-quality power strips like Anker products and follow safety guidelines to minimize fire risks.

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